Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 458: Make Them Pay (4)

"Since Elder Ning has come here for me, I'll settle the matter myself." Even though his eyes fell on Elder Ning, he spoke to Lin Ge.

Lin Ge frowned, "Alright! Elder Lu Yin, the old guy is yours."

"Okay, Master." Lu Yin made an obeisance, his arrogant eyes turning to Elder Ning, a contemptuous smile hovering on his lips. "Elder Ning, I know that you are stronger than me, so you dare to come to us! But I don't think I did anything wrong. You are the one who is to blame. You failed to properly teach your granddaughter and indulged her to the point that she would shamelessly throw herself on a man!"



Elder Ning released all his power, his grey hair fluttering in the wind, his eyes burning with raging flames. He looked powerful enough to destroy everything.

"D*mn you!"

With his hand stretched out, Lu Yin was lifted up. The blue veins in Elder Ning's forehead were strongly pulsing, and he looked furious. His granddaughter was his bottom line, and he would never allow anyone to insult her!

"Well, well, well, are you angry because you're ashamed? Isn't what I said true? As an unmarried girl, your granddaughter shamelessly went to a man's home and had sex with him! I guess Ning Xin risked her life to protect Yun Qingya because she had already given him her body! Am I right?"

The smile on Lu Yin's face spread, and it seemed that he didn't fear Elder Ning at all.


Elder Ning smashed Lu Yin's body down on the ground, punching him with an overwhelming aura. In an instant, all the tables and chairs around him were lifted up by the shockwave and sent flying in the air!

Lu Yin, lying on the ground, vomited a mouthful of blood, but the contemptuous smile on his pale face grew bigger.

"Elder Ning, even if you kill me today, you can't deny what I said. You are the one to blame because you didn't teach your granddaughter properly, and we haven't done anything wrong!"

What he meant was that Ning Xin was to blame for being injured by them! And everything the Medical City had done was right! Ning Xin deserved it because she should not have blocked his strike against Yun Qingya with her body.


Elder Ning punched Lu Yin's face once again, and immediately, his face was swollen like a pig's head, the blood continuously flowing down from his mouth.

"You know what, Yun Qingya is my grandson-in-law. What's wrong with my granddaughter living in her fiancée's home?"

Yun Qingya was a good and heroic man. He believed that his granddaughter would not suffer any grievance if she married him. Besides, the Yun Family had Yun Luofeng who was going to be something! He believed that as time went by, there would be a lot of people trying to establish a relationship with the Yun Family!

"Haha," Lu Yin laughed in a low voice as if some plot of his had succeeded, A treacherous ray flashed across his eyes as he fearlessly looked at the crazy old man in front of him. "It turns out that the Ning Family has degenerated to such a degree that your heiress will even marry a man like Yun Qingya!"

After hearing Lu Yin's words, Elder Ning, who had intended to kill him, gradually calmed down, and his fist froze in the air.

"I've changed my mind," Elder Ning calmed down, his eyes coldly staring at the old man lying on the ground. "According to my original plan, I was going to kill you! But now I've changed my mind."


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