Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 457: Make Them Pay (3)

"No," as if thinking of something, Elder Ning shook his head, "I forgot that. Perhaps you won't have enough time to witness that. What a pity..."

Not everyone was qualified to witness her growth! In particular, Lin Ge's behavior had challenged her bottom line. Even if he didn't come to get revenge against him, the girl would not let him go!

A grim look flashed through Lin Ge's eyes and he shouted fiercely, clenching his teeth, "Elder Ning, you are really brainwashed!" Lin Ge's face was still filled with contempt. Apparently, he didn't take the old man's words seriously. "She is just a general's granddaughter so what achievements can she have? Don't exaggerate. Since Yun Qingya is still alive, the Yun Family must be destroyed!"

"Good!" Elder Ning's eyes darkened and he said coldly, "Then I won't discuss the Yun Family with you! Now, give me the old b*stard Lu Yin. I want to settle accounts with him!"

It was not that Elder Ning didn't want to destroy the Medical City, but that the Medical City should be left to the Yun Family! After all, the Medical City was the Yun Family's mortal enemies! It would be better to kill your enemy with your own hand!

If it were him, he would rather kill his enemy with his own hand than have his enemy killed by someone else! So, this time he didn't come here to destroy the Medical City, but to find the old b*stard Lu Yin to vent his anger.

"Elder Ning!" Lin Ge's face changed, "Don't go too far. Lu Yin did something wrong, but he didn't injure your granddaughter on purpose. If it wasn't that your granddaughter rushed out to protect Yun Qingya, how could she get injured?"

"Hum! I don't care who my granddaughter was trying to protect. I only know that the person who injured her was Lu Yin! Give him to me, now!" Elder Ning's face was no longer mild but turned cold and fierce.

"Elder Ning! Don't forget that my daughter is the disciple of an elder of the Association of Physicians! Aren't you afraid of being an enemy of the Association of Physicians?"

Lin Ge's eyes turned colder. Though he knew that the Association of Physicians couldn't threaten Elder Ning, he couldn't give Lu Yin to Elder Ning, as it would be a big disgrace for the Medical City if he really did it. This was something he didn't want to happen!

"Your daughter? You mean your foster daughter?" Elder Ning cracked a mocking smile.

Lin Ge threatened in a low voice, his eyes solemn, "Whether she is my real daughter or foster daughter, I brought her up, and she's devoted to the Medical City. If you dare to hurt Lu Yin, you'll become an enemy of the Association of Physicians!"

If Elder Ning attacked them, he didn't know whether he could resist him or not... but in any case, he would not compromise!

"Haha, don't think you can count on the Association of Physicians! You were the ones who first did wrong. I'll see who dares to stop me from avenging my granddaughter!" Elder Ning's blue robe was fluttering in the breeze and he released a domineering aura, his face filled with confidence and pride.

He was only avenging his granddaughter, and even the Association of Physicians was not justified to stop him!

"Master." As Lin Ge's face turned paler, Lu Yin's cold voice came from outside the hall.

Hardly had his voice faded away when a grey-robed old man walked slowly from outside the hall and turned his icy eyes to Elder Ning, who was standing still in the hall.


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