Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 456: Make Them Pay (2)

Lin Ge didn't understand why Ning Xin would fall in love with Yun Qingya and even risk her own life to protect him!

She wouldn't have done such a crazy thing if it hadn't been for love.

Elder Ning paused and said, "I don't think there is anything wrong with Yun Qingya. In my opinion, the young man is very hard-working and never yielding to power. I admire his pride! And the Yun Family is not as bad as you said."

"Yes, they are not very strong, and their master is just a general of the Longyuan Kingdom, but I have found out over the past six months that all the members of the family are worthy of respect." In the beginning, Elder Ning collected information on the Yun Family to find out more about Yun Luofeng, but during this process, he was deeply impressed by these people's pride.

Hearing Elder Ning's praise, Lin Ge sneered, "Pride? Without strength, what is the use of pride? No matter how proud Yun Qingya was, he still had to hide in the darkness for a decade because of our threat! If I were him, I would kill myself rather than suffer for ten years. I think he is not a coward, or else he would not have continued to live."

"You're wrong," Elder Ning gazed at Lin Ge disapprovingly. "Yun Qingya didn't commit suicide because he didn't want his father to lose his other son after losing the first son! If he had committed suicide, perhaps I would not admire him so much. Because he endured the suffering for ten years for his family, I greatly admire this young man."

As if not noticing Lin Ge's increasingly angry face, Elder Ning continued, "As for the rest of the Yun Family... Yun Luo used to be blindly loyal to his emperor, but he is still a courageous man. The emperor of another kingdom had a crush on his daughter-in-law Bai Ling and threatened him to either surrender his daughter-in-law or go to war! However, in a country of male supremacy, he ordered his son to go to the war without any hesitation, refusing to exchange his daughter-in-law for safety."

"As for Yun Yang, I don't know much about him, but he could lead millions of soldiers of the Longyuan Kingdom and fought bravely on the battlefield. He must have been a brave man as well!"

When Elder Ning was talking about the people of the Yun Family, his tone was filled with appreciation, and a smile appeared on his old face. "However, in the Yun Family, the one I admire most is Yun Luofeng."

"That girl is simply a legend, with so many unfathomable secrets! It seems that as long as she is there, any difficulty will be readily solved! You wouldn't be able to understand this feeling. It's like... when I heard that she had gone to the Ning Family, I knew my granddaughter would be alright."

When it came to Yun Luofeng, Elder Ning's face turned mild. However, when he looked at Lin Ge, his eyes turned fierce again.

"Haha!" Lin Ge smiled contemptuously, his eyes filled with disdain. "The master of the Yun Family is just a general. Are you out of your mind praising them like this? On this continent, power is everything. The Yun Family is not strong enough, so they're doomed to be trampled by me!"

Not expecting that this guy still hadn't realized his mistake, Elder Ning finally got angry, "Lin Ge, believe me, Yun Luofeng is a very special girl and she will definitely be something. Perhaps in the near future you will have to beg for her mercy."

The girl was not only talented but also had extraordinary medical skills. Though she was still a little fish now, she never belonged to this little pond, and soon she would turn to a golden dragon, soaring high in the sky.


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