Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 455: Make Them Pay (1)

At this moment, the Medical City was in a mess. Mentally a wreck, Lin Ge, Master of the Medical City, was anxiously pacing back and forth in the hall.

All of a sudden, a servant walked in a hurry and made an obeisance respectfully, "Master, the former master of the Ning Family, Elder Ning, has come to visit."

Hearing the servant's reporting, Lin Ge had a bitter and helpless smile on his handsome face. "He finally came."

Since he was told that Lu Yin had injured Ning Xin, he knew that the old man of the Ning Family would come to him for revenge sooner or later! And since he was in the wrong, even the Association of Physicians could not stop the old man.

"Haha." Suddenly, a sneer was heard from the front yard, and then a blue-robed old man stepped out of the door, a sarcastic smile hanging on his cold face.

"Impressive! Master of the Medical City! Even I have to admit inferiority to you! However, the Medical City broke their three-year promise and attacked the Yun Family. Won't you be utterly discredited if people find out about this?"

Lin Ge's face changed, "Elder Ning, this is a thing between the Yun Family and me..."

"Hum!" Elder Ning snorted and said expressionlessly, "I don't care. I only know that Yun Luofeng of the Yun Family is my nominal foster granddaughter, and my real granddaughter was injured by you! You have to pay a price for your deeds!"

Hearing Elder Ning's cold voice, Lin Ge gave a wry smile, "Elder Ning, Lu Yin didn't do these things properly. But I don't think it was wrong for us to attack the Yun Family! The Yun Family didn't keep their promise first. Yun Qingya is still alive! Since the Yun Family didn't keep their promise, why should we keep the three-year promise?"

As Lin Ge said this, a killing intent flickered through his eyes. His precious son was the best in his mind! No one could compare with him. How dare Yun Qingya publically humiliate his precious son? He would never ever tolerate it!

Elder Ning's face darkened bit by bit, "There'll always be a loser in a challenge. Your son was defeated because he was weaker. Nobody was to blame for this! Should Yun Qingya just stand still and let your son beat him? In that case, why did your son bother to challenge him?"

"Haha," Lin Ge sneered, "Elder Ning, you don't understand how I feel! Yun Qingya's behavior didn't only hurt my son's dignity, but also enraged me! He is the devil in my son's heart. If he doesn't die, my son cannot live a carefree life."

"But you sent a lot of people to chase Yun Qingya and forced him to hide in the darkness for ten years. Isn't that enough?" Elder Ning asked coldly, his eyes sullen.

"No, not enough! I want him dead! Only if he dies, can I let go of my hatred!" Lin Ge's eyes were filled with fierceness, and his face was ferocious.

Elder Ning shook his head, "You're crazy! Totally crazy! Yun Qingya just defeated your son in a challenge. He didn't kill or disable him. I don't know where your hatred comes from! I can't communicate with a lunatic like you. Today I 'm here to make you pay for what you've done to my granddaughter!"

"Make us pay?" Lin Ge sneered. No longer panicking, he calmed down and said coldly, "I don't know what you're talking about. Yes, Ning Xin was injured, but it was not our fault. She suddenly came forward and blocked the attack against Yun Qingya with her body! You should turn to the Yun Family instead of me for revenge! If it weren't for Yun Qingya, your granddaughter would not have been injured."


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