Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 454: Cure Ning Xin (7)

"She came back? That's great," Elder Ning said with a sigh of relief, his face not as pale as before. "With her ability, as long as she's back, Xin'er will be fine."

Hearing Elder Ning's relieved voice, the young man carefully said, "But just before Miss Yun came back, Fourth Elder of the Ning Family went to the Longyuan Kingdom, took away Miss Ning Xin, and injured Miss Fang Ya and Yun Qingya of the Yun Family!"


The aura of Elder Ning that had calmed down immediately became furious, and he hit the ground with a fist. A hole about the size of his fist immediately appeared in the ground.

"That fool! Does he want to kill Xin'er?"

As long as Yun Luofeng came back, Ning Xin would be fine, but the fool took Ning Xin away by force and injured Yun Qingya! He clearly intended to murder Ning Xin!

The young man shrank his neck, not expecting that Elder Ning, who had always been mild, would turn so violent! He could only imagine how much he was enraged.

"I have to go back at once! Xin'er must be waiting for me to come home! And I'll strangle that fool!"

With these last words, the tone of Elder Ning turned sad, with a great deal of rage in it.

If Xin'er died, he would not let the murderers go, whether it was the Medical City or Fourth Elder!

He would bury these people with Xin'er!

"Well..." The young man glanced at Elder Ning and hurriedly drew back his eyes, "There's another thing I haven't told you yet. After Yun Luofeng found out that the people of the Ning Family had taken Miss Ning Xin away, she went to the Ning Family together with Yun Qingya. Our scouts around the Ning Family said that they saw that Yun Luofeng had entered the Ning Family... "

On this day, Elder Ning experienced a lot of ups and downs.

First, he got furious after learning about the Medical City's behavior, and then he was sad for his granddaughter's injury! However, when he heard that Yun Luofeng had returned to the Longyuan Kingdom, he was relieved.

But then, hearing that the people of the Ning Family had forcibly taken Ning Xin away before Yun Luofeng came back, he became desperate again...

At last, the boy told him that Yun Luofeng had arrived at the Ning Family!

Anyone would collapse after going through so much despair and hope! But Elder Ning just stared at the young man with glazed eyes.

"Elder Ning..." The young man waved his hand before Elder Ning's eyes and asked apprehensively, "Are you all right?" If the old man had died of a heart attack because of him, Elder Rong would kill him!

"Nothing," Elder Ning came to himself, shook his head and turned his eyes to the young man in front of him, "Why didn't you just tell me that my granddaughter would be all right?"

He just needed to tell him that his granddaughter had been injured by the b*stards of the Medical City and that Yun Luofeng was treating her!

Why did he say so much garbage?

The young man rubbed his head, "Elder Rong asked me to report everything to you, so I tried to tell you every detail."

"Then why didn't you say it all at once?"

"Elder Ning," the young man looked aggrieved, "you were the one who didn't let me say it all at once. Every time I was talking, you interrupted me or frightened me with your aura."

"Alright," Elder Ning took a deep breath, suppressed the raging flame in his heart, and said angrily, "I gave a jade pendant to Miss Yun, which is a token of the Ning Family's power. With that jade pendant in her hand, the people of the Ning Family won't dare to stop her! Now I'm going to the Medical City to avenge my granddaughter!"

Now that Yun Luofeng had gone to the Ning Family, his granddaughter would be fine, and he could make those people pay now!


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