Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 453: Cure Ning Xin (6)

But he didn't expect that Ning Xin would be so seriously injured this time! How dare the b*stards of the Medical City do this to her!

A murderous desire flickered through First Elder's eyes. Even if Ning Xin survived, he would never let go of the Medical City! They knew Ning Xin was in the Yun Family, but still launched an attack against the Yun Family. It was clear that they didn't put the Ning Family in their eyes!

However, First Elder had wrongly accused the people of the Medical City. If they had known that Ning Xin would be in the Yun Family residence, they would not have chosen that time to launch the attack! They thought that Ning Xin had left with Elder Ning, so they had come to the Yun Family.

"Thank goodness, I finally found a normal person in the Ning Family." Lin Ruobai lifted her chin up, her cute little face filled with arrogance, and she patted First Elder's shoulder and said as though giving a lesson, "How can you not believe in my master's ability? If my master didn't have that ability, then why would your former master give her the jade pendant?"

The middle-aged man blushed. From the very beginning, he didn't believe in Yun Luofeng's ability, and was even a little bit angry at her rudeness! However, if he had known that she had his father's jade pendant, he would not have been so rude.

"Xiao Bai, don't talk," Yun Luofeng said, "Don't bother me when I'm treating Ning Xin! Do you understand?"


Lin Ruobai responded obediently and quietly stood next to Yun Luofeng, took out a candied hawthorne stick, and cutely licked the sugar-coated red fruit.

The whole room quieted down, and even Fourth Elder didn't dare to say anything more! However, his eyes were filled with disdain. Obviously, he didn't believe this girl had the ability to bring the dying back to life!


"What did you say?"

In the deep mountains, an old man, who was in the middle of his meditation, heard the report of a young man, and immediately opened his eyes, his old face filled with anger.

"The Medical City attacked the Yun Family while I was away? What about the Yun Family?"

"Elder Ning, the people of the Yun Family are fine, but Miss Ning Xin was injured by Lu Yin while protecting Yun Qingya and now her life or death is uncertain!"

The young man standing in front of Elder Ning was a physician of the Medical Pavilion. He came out to look for Elder Ning's whereabouts as ordered by Elder Rong. Fortunately, he soon found Elder Ning in the deep mountains, where he was in meditation for cultivation.

Hearing his words, Elder Ning released a violent aura and instantly destroyed all the surrounding trees. He jumped to his feet in anger and shouted with a ghastly pale face, "Where is Xin'er?"

In the past few days, he felt that he was going to break through. In order to be able to advance to a higher level, he left Ning Xin behind in the Yun Family and found a quiet place to meditate for cultivation.

He didn't expect that so many things would happen in these few days!

The Medical City! Lu Yin!


Very good!

Since they dared to injure his granddaughter, he would make them regret it for their entire life!

The young man glanced carefully at Elder Ning, "Miss Fang Ya managed to keep Miss Ning Xin alive temporarily, but she only has ten days left... Elder Rong has also sent people to find the heiress of the Yun Family. It's said that only she can save Ning Xin's life."

Ten days!

Elder Ning felt his heart missed a beat and asked, "How many days are left?"

"Today is the last day..."

"What?" Elder Ning's face turned paler, "What about Miss Yun? Has she come back?"

The young man nodded, "Miss Yun returned to the Longyuan Kingdom a few days ago..."


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