Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 452: Cure Ning Xin (5)

In a boudoir, the fragrant snow-white gauze curtain was fluttering with the breeze, through which, one could indistinctly see a beautiful girl lying in bed.

The girl was pale and silent, and her breath was so faint as if her body was going to break into pieces at any moment.

Looking at the girl's bloodless face, Yun Qingya felt his heart miss a beat, his dark eyes filled with guilt. If it weren't for him, Ning Xin would not be injured...

"Her condition is not very serious."

As if feeling the guilt and worry in this man's heart, Yun Luofeng comforted him.

Hearing Yun Luofeng's words, Yun Qingya was finally relieved. In his opinion, if Yun Luofeng said it wasn't serious, it meant that Ning Xin's wound could still be treated.


Fourth Elder, who followed them to enter the boudoir, snorted and glanced at Yun Luofeng scornfully, his old face filled with contempt. "You are just faking it, right? The strike of Lu Yin left a hole in the heart of Ning Xin. If it were not for the Medical Pavilion that prolonged her life by ten days with precious medicinal herbs, maybe Ning Xin would have died that very day! And all of this is your fault!"

As soon as he thought about the fact that Ning Xin was seriously injured from protecting Yun Qingya, he couldn't help but gnash his teeth. She was such a b*tch! My son has been chasing her for so many years, but she remained unmoved. But now she was going to lose her life for such a useless man! She was just suffering from her own actions!

Yun Qingya did not speak, and this time, he agreed with Fourth Elder. Indeed, if it weren't for saving him, how would Ning Xin be so seriously injured?

He owed her a life and could only pay it with his entire life!

Yun Luofeng coldly glanced at Fourth Elder, "If you utter any single word, I don't mind…making you dumb forever!"

"You…" Fourth Elder was trembling with anger and shouted out loud, gnashing his teeth, "You dare to be so presumptuous just because you have the jade pendant of the former master in your hand! Who do you think you would be if you didn't have the former master's support?"

"Who am I? You'll know it later, but now I'm going to treat Ning Xin, and I don't have time to talk to you."

She came here to cure Ning Xin and avenge Yun Qingya! But Ning Xin could not wait any longer, so she temporarily ignored Fourth Elder.

"My master told you to shut up, didn't you hear her?" Lin Ruobai glared at Fourth Elder who was about to open his mouth again, and with a sullen look complained, "I've never seen such a stupid old man! Can nobody stop him?"

In Xiao Bai's opinion, any person who her master didn't like could not be a good one! And obviously, her master disliked the people of the Ning Family, including the future father-in-law of her second uncle.

So, none of these people were good!

Fourth Elder's face turned blue with rage. He was about to speak but was interrupted by a voice beside him.

"Fourth Elder, stop it. Ning Xin is dying. Why not let her have a try? Let's believe this little girl one time." First Elder shook his head with a sigh and turned his eyes to the dying girl in bed, a sad look flashing through his eyes.

As the heiress to the Ning Family, Ning Xin had never been spoiled and was always kind and nice to people, so they were all fond of her.


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