Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 451: Cure Ning Xin (4)


Yun Qingya nodded, not expecting that Yun Luofeng would have the jade pendant of Elder Ning in her hands. No wonder she was so confident about the journey to the Ning Family.

Seeing that the two were about to enter the Ning Family, Fourth Elder's face changed, and he stepped forward to stop them.

"Master, since Yun Luofeng is our guest, we should treat her with hospitality, but I don't think she can save Ning Xin. Perhaps she will make things worse and accelerate Ning Xin's death!" Fourth Elder clenched his teeth, "So, I don't think we should let her see Ning Xin."

Yun Luofeng paused, her dark eyes gradually falling on the old face of the fourth elder, her eyes bright and penetrating as if she could see Fourth Elder's heart through his eyes.

Uneasy at the penetrating gaze, Fourth Elder couldn't help but draw back a few steps.

"So you don't want me to save Ning Xin?" Yun Luofeng pressed on towards Fourth Elder for two steps, releasing a dangerous aura. "Is it because that your son loves Ning Xin but Ning Xin doesn't like him, so you became angry from embarrassment and developed the idea that if he can't have her then nobody can?"

Fourth Elder's face greatly changed, and hurriedly defended himself when he noticed that the middle-aged man's eyes immediately turned suspicious. "Nonsense! I have been treating Ning Xin like my own daughter since she was born, and I hope she can recover more than anyone else! You are simply fomenting dissension here. Master, don't listen to her nonsense. She is clearly ill-intentioned!"

When he said this, he looked anxiously at the middle-aged man, and his heart slowly sank after he felt the disbelief of the other party.

Yun Luofeng! That darn girl! How dare she say such a thing in front of the master?

If she didn't have the jade pendant of the former master, he would have finished her now!

"Fourth Elder," the middle-aged man said with a sullen look, "Didn't you just say you hoped more than anyone else that Xin'er would recover?"

"Yes, I swear that I hope she can recover more than anyone else," Fourth Elder answered hurriedly and kept nodding.

At the moment, Fourth Elder was just trying to get rid of the master's suspicion, but he didn't realize that his words completely annoyed the middle-aged man. The one who most hoped that Ning Xin would recover would, of course, be her own parent! Fourth Elder just forgot about this!

How dare he say that he was the one who most hoped that Ning Xin would recover!

Then what about him? Even an outsider hoped that his daughter would survive more than he did?

Looking at the angry face of the middle-aged man, Fourth Elder was a little scared. He didn't know what word he said that had irritated the master.

Coldly glancing at Fourth Elder, the middle-aged man turned his eyes to Yun Luofeng, thought for a while and asked, "Can you really cure Xin'er?"

To be honest, the same as Fourth Elder, he didn't think Yun Luofeng had this ability! However, if not treated, Xin 'er would die! So he could only venture to believe her this one time. But this didn't mean that he would accept Yun Qingya of the Yun Family as his son-in-law!

"Second Uncle, Xiao Bai, let's go."

Not answering the middle-aged man, Yun Luofeng directly entered the gate of the Ning Family. She didn't have any good feelings towards the people of this Ning Family except Ning Lao and Ning Xin...


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