Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 450: Cure Ning Xin (3)

The young girl glanced at Fourth Elder with a wicked look. At the sight of the icy light in her eyes, one would shiver as if being threatened with a knife resting on their neck.

"Get out of here!"

Her cold voice was like a bomb exploding in the crowd, and her beautiful and arrogant face was covered with killing intent. As soon as she thought of what Fourth Elder had done to Yun Qingya, a wave of rage swept through her and was going to swallow her up in an instant. However, the most important thing now was to cure Ning Xin, and it wouldn't be too late to settle with Fourth Elder after Ning Xin recovered!

Fourth Elder was stunned and then realized what she just said to him. He coldly sneered, "Little girl, do you know what you are talking about? This is the Ning Family. What makes you think you can speak to me like this? Who do you think you are? If you still want to live, you'd better get out of here, or else don't blame me for not treating you nicely!

Normally the middle-aged man would have stopped Fourth Elder, but today, he did nothing but look on coldly. He wanted to know how the young girl would choose when facing the oppression of Fourth Elder.

Would she leave? Or would she... fight with Fourth Elder?

After all, until now, he had no idea why his father praised this girl so highly, and he wanted to test Yun Luofeng's strength through Fourth Elder!

Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes slightly, with a dangerous gleam in her smiling eyes. "What makes me believe I can speak to you like that? Okay, now I'll show you why!" Upon saying this, Yun Luofeng took out an emerald jade pendant from her sleeve with the character 'Ning' engraved on the pendant and shining brightly in the sun.

"Is this... my father's jade pendant? Why do you have this in your hand?"

The middle-aged man, who was still looking on, was stunned at the sight of the jade pendant that Yun Luofeng just took out, his face filled with shock. Why did she have the jade pendant of his father... in her hand? This jade pendant was a symbol of power, which represented that she could mobilize the power of the Ning Family as she wished!

But why did his father give this jade pendant to a strange girl? Was it because he appreciated her very much?

No! Father would not give her such a valuable thing just out of appreciation! There must be something else that I don't know.

Thinking of this, the middle-aged man felt chagrined. If he had known that his father would give her the jade pendant, he would not have looked on when Fourth Elder was trying to give her a hard time.

First Elder came forward and carefully examined the jade pendant in the hands of Yun Luofeng, and came to a conclusion, "Yes, this is the jade pendant of the former master." At once, everyone's attitude to Yun Luofeng changed, and their eyes were not as hostile as before.

"With this, can I ask you to get out?"

Yun Luofeng lifted her eyelids slightly, turned her head to look at Fourth Elder whose face was purple with embarrassment and smiled at him wickedly.

Soon Fourth Elder became silent. He moved his lips and tried to say something, but finally, he shut his mouth. This girl had the jade pendant of the former master in her hand, and if he insisted on driving her away, that would be disrespectful to the former master! As Master greatly respected the former master, he would never allow that to happen.

Yun Luofeng took a glance at Yun Qingya and seriously said, "Second Uncle, let's go, Ning Xin isn't going to last long."


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