Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 448: Cure Ning Xin (1)

In the grand hall of the Ning Family, a middle-aged man, sitting in the middle, asked in a low voice, his tightly knitted brows clouded with sadness, "Hasn't my father come back yet?"

"Master," the first elder came forward, made an obeisance and answered respectfully, "We've been looking for the whereabouts of Former Master, but nobody knows where he is, and we still can't find him."

"Okay," the middle-aged man sighed, his brows more tightly knitted, "There are only a few days left for Xin 'er, I'm afraid, but my father hasn't come back yet. Perhaps, he won't be able to see her one last time..."

His fingers rubbed his forehead, his handsome face filled with distress.

These days, he had found many famous doctors to see Ning Xin, but all of them said Ning Xin couldn't be cured because she was too seriously injured, unless he could find Godly Doctor Tian Ya who could bring the dying back to life and save Ning Xin's life. However, when his father was seriously ill, they had been looking for Tian Ya for a few years and couldn't find him. How could they find him in just a couple of days now?

"Forget it," the middle-aged man waved and took a deep breath, "First Elder, spread the news about Ning Xin's death. If my father hears it, he'll come back! Now that Ning Xin only has a few days left, don't bother her anymore. Just let her go quietly."

Saying this, he stood up and walked towards the outside of the hall.

Just after a few days, the man, who used to be so powerful in the Ning Family, became hunchbacked and looked decades older, his ink-black hair now half gray.


Just as the middle-aged man was about to cross the threshold, a servant hurried in and said respectfully, "A man and a woman are asking to see you."

The middle-aged man paused and asked with a frown. "Who are they?"

"Master, they said they are from the Longyuan Kingdom. The girl is named Yun Luofeng and the man... is Yun Qingya."


Before the middle-aged man responded, Fourth Elder in the hall suddenly stood up, his fierce eyes burning with rage.

"How dare the people of the Yun Family come here?! Especially that Yun Qingya! If he had not offended the Medical City, Ning Xin would not have been injured and be dying! Now they have the nerve to come to us before we ask them to take responsibility! Master, let me teach this guy a lesson now!"

The fourth elder was surprised. He had struck Yun Qingya with the most of his power, although he didn't use all his power.

How could he still travel all the way to the Ning Family? Was his wound healed?

No! It was impossible! He knew how much power he had used in that strike. It was impossible for him to recover so soon.

"Fourth Elder," the middle-aged man frowned, glanced at the enraged fourth elder and said disapprovingly, "Yun Qingya is the one who Xin'er risked her life to protect. How can you treat him like this? Have you ever considered Xin'er's feelings? However, I'd like to meet this Yun Qingya. How could he make Xin'er protect him with her own life?"

The fourth elder clenched his fist, his old face sullen. If he had known that Yun Qingya would still be able to scramble out of bed, he would have used all his power in that strike. Yun Qingya was simply unqualified to be Ning Xin's love!

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