Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 446: Anger of Yun Luofeng (2)

Yun Luofeng's eyes darkened bit by bit, a strong storm whirling in her dark eyes. Even the aura around her body turned icy with Yun Luo's words.

She pondered and asked, "Does Elder Ning know this?"

Yun Luo shook his head. "Elder Ning is not in the Ning Family right now. Fang Ya has informed Elder Rong of this and asked him to ask Elder Ning to settle this issue."

"Ask Fang Ya to deliver a message to Elder Ning! No matter who has hurt my second uncle, I'll make him pay!"

Yun Luo moved his lips, a wry smile appearing on his old face, "What about Ning Xin?"

As if hearing Ning Xin's name, Yun Qingya's face finally changed expression, but he still didn't speak and just lay in bed quietly...

Yun Luofeng glanced at Yun Qingya, "Ning Xin is a good girl. I like her very much. What's more, she was injured because she was protecting Second Uncle. I will cure her anyway. After Second Uncle recovers, I'll go to the Ning Family to find Ning Xin, and... I'll bring her back."

"Really?" Yun Luo's eyes lit up, "Will the Ning Family let Ning Xin go?"

To be honest, Yun Luo was also fond of Ning Xin who was beautiful and elegant, and if it weren't for her who rushed out to block the attack against Yun Qingya with her own body, perhaps Yun Qingya would have been the one who was injured. For this reason, Yun Luo became very fond of her.

Yun Luofeng cracked a smile, "Don't you think it would be nice to have a daughter-in-law like Ning Xin? Second Uncle is old enough to get married, and I think the two are a perfect match. Grandfather, don't worry. I will bring your daughter-in-law back anyway."

Before Yun Qingya recovered last time, Yun Luofeng had found that Ning Xin admired and worshipped Yun Qingya, and this time she was injured so badly just to protect her second uncle, her love for him was obvious.

As for Second Uncle...

Perhaps he only treated Ning Xin as a little sister at first, but since he was so distressed because of Ning Xin's departure, it was obvious that Second Uncle also liked her. Even if Second Uncle was distressed because he worried about Ning Xin's wounds, they would still have a lot of time to develop love for each other. Now the top priority was to bring Ning Xin back from the Ning Family.

"Miss Yun."

Out of the curtain came Fang Ya's soft voice, and then she came in with a bowl of medicinal soup and carefully placed it on the table.

"The medicinal soup has been prepared, and I have something to tell you." Fang Ya looked up at Yun Luofeng and said, "The one who came here to take Ning Xin away was the fourth elder of the Ning Family, who has a son. He loves this son very much because he had this son in his old age, and his son's talent is not bad, so except for Ning Xin, his son is the most important youngster in the Ning Family."

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows, "And then?"

Fang Ya helplessly sighed, "His son loves Ning Xin and has decided on Ning Xin as his future wife, so the fourth elder of the Ning Family also considers Ning Xin as his daughter-in-law! Unfortunately, Ning Xin doesn't like his son. That's why the fourth elder was so hostile to Yun Qingya. Things would not have ended up like this if the Ning Family had sent another elder to the Longyuan Kingdom."

Yun Luofeng had no expression, the storm in her dark eyes turning more turbulent as if it would break out at any time.

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