Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 445: Anger of Yun Luofeng (1)

Fang Ya forced a smile, her beautiful brows clouded with sadness and more lingering guilt.

"General Yun, please don't say so, if it weren't for Yun Luofeng, our master would not have been cured. Now the Yun Family needs our help, but I couldn't help you. But don't worry, I have informed Elder Rong of things happening here via pigeon mail, asking him to help look for Elder Ning's whereabouts."

Ten days!

Ning Xin only had ten days left!

She had to find Elder Ning and Yun Luofeng within 10 days, or else Ning Xin would die!

"Miss Fang Ya, I want to thank you for what you have done for the Yun Family anyway. If it weren't for your timely treatment, Qingya might have…"

Yun Luo suddenly stopped, but what he wanted to say was obvious.

He didn't want to experience the tragedy of losing his young loved ones once again...

"Miss Fang Ya, General Yun, the lady of the Yun Family has come!"

Suddenly, an excited voice came in from the front hall, and after hearing the voice, Yun Luo suddenly stood up, a look of joy flickering through his turbid eyes.

"Is Feng'er back?"

That was great! As long as she came back, both Yun Qingya and Ning Xin would be safe!

Hardly had Yun Luo's voice faded away, the curtain was lifted by a hand, and a girl in white walked in from the front hall and stopped before Yun Luo. Following her, a cute girl was looking around curiously with her big eyes.

"Feng'er..." Yun Luo's throat turned dry, and tears came to his eyes.

With Yun Luofeng coming back, he finally had someone to rely on and his pounding heart regained normal rhythm. Even Yun Luo didn't know when Yun Luofeng had become the mainstay of the Yun Family. It seemed that as long as she was here, any difficulty would be readily solved!

There wasn't anything in this world that she couldn't achieve!

"Let's talk later. I'm going to check Second Uncle's wounds first."

Speaking so, the girl walked towards the bed and felt Yun Qingya's pulse with her fingers, and after checking his body's wounds, she no longer worried.

"Second Uncle was seriously injured. Fortunately, his life is not in danger. Fang Ya, here is a prescription, fill it, decoct the medicinal herbs and feed the medicinal soup to Second Uncle," Yun Luofeng took out a green herb, "Remember, add this spiritual grass into it."


Fang Ya took over the spiritual grass from Yun Luofeng and ordered servants to prepare pen and paper. After Yun Luofeng had written the names of the needed medicinal herbs on the paper, Fang Ya took it and left the back hall.

The whole back hall quieted down.

The girl turned to Yun Luo and asked, "Now tell me what happened."

Yun Luo gave a wry smile, "The people of the Medical City didn't keep the three-year promise, and launched attacks against the Yun Family. To protect your second uncle, Ning Xin was struck by Lu Yin. She was so severely injured that she was going to die! To save her life, your second uncle brought her to the Medical Pavilion. However, the people of the Ning Family came here, taking Ning Xin away and injuring your second uncle."


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