Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 442: Ning Family (2)

Yun Qingya's face changed, and he clenched his fists as he stepped forward to stop these people, but Fang Ya held out a hand and stopped him.

"Elder of the Ning Family," Fang Ya frowned, her coquettish face solemn, and she turned her foxy beautiful eyes to the people of the Ning Family, asking, "If you insist on taking Ning Xin away, she might die without hope for a cure. Is this the result you want?"

Fourth Elder snorted, his eyes full of contempt, "Your Medical Pavilion can't cure her, but it doesn't mean that no other physician can cure her! Ning Xin will only get the best treatment when she returns to the Ning Family!"

Fang Ya's eyes darkened, and she took a deep breath, "Elder of the Ning Family, you are not a physician and you don't know about any medical skill. I just checked Ning Xin's condition, and I can assure you that in this world there are only two people who can save her! One is the Godly Doctor Tian Ya, and the other is Yun Luofeng of the Yun Family! As for the Godly Doctor Tian Ya, nobody knows his whereabouts and it is very difficult to find him, so we have only one choice now, and that is to let Ning Xin stay here. Once Yun Luofeng comes home, her life will be saved!"

Even now, Fang Ya still tried to persuade the people of the Ning Family to let Ning Xin stay here. However, after hearing her words, Fourth Elder turned up his nose and gave her a contemptuous smile.

"Yun Luofeng? I have never heard of her name. She is just a general's granddaughter. How can she be compared with Godly Doctor Tian Ya?"

"Elder of the Ning Family, Yun Luofeng has cured Older Ning of his disease. You still think she is not qualified to be compared with Godly Doctor Tian Ya?"

Fang Ya's eyebrows were knitted more tightly, with an impatient look gradually appearing on her face. This Elder of the Ning Family was really stubborn. If Elder Rong was here, they would not dare to grab Ning Xin away from the Medical Pavilion! Although on this Continent, Elder Rong's status was not as noble as Elder Ning's, they had been close friends since they were young, and their affection wouldn't change with the change of their status.

Thus, the people of the Ning Family were very respectful to Elder Rong! No one dared to be disrespectful to him!


Hearing Fang Ya's words, Fourth Elder couldn't help laughing, his voice full of contempt, "Fang Ya, do you think I really don't know? Older Ning hasn't been cured. He just made an excuse to reassure us! How could a general's granddaughter be able to cure a patient that so many famous doctors on this Continent couldn't cure? You think I'm stupid?"

"You..." Fang Ya trembled with anger, her chest heaving, "I tell you, not only the Older Ning, but our master was also cured by her! And you should know that Yun Qingya was disabled before, but now he stands here unscathed. All of these are because of Yun Luofeng. How can you deny her medical skill?"

Fourth Elder snorted, "How should I know if Yun Qingya was really disabled or not? Maybe he just pretended to be seriously injured and has been hiding his strength all these years! As for your master, he did recover, but you said he was cured by Yun Luofeng? Is that true? Maybe you lied!"

In any case, he couldn't believe that Yun Luofeng's medical skills could match Godly Doctor Tian Ya's. To be exact, she was not qualified to be compared with Tian Ya! How could a fifteen-year-old girl, born in a place like the Longyuan Kingdom, acquire such great medical skills?


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