Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 440: Going Home (6)

"But this Yun Qingya..." The white-robed man's brows furrowed.

Would they be running home with their tail between their legs this time?

"He will be going to the Medical Pavilion for nothing. I'm well aware of the strength that I just used, even the master of the Medical Pavilion might not be able to save her," Lu Yin frostily stated. "Now, let's hurry back to the Medical City first and discuss with the master of the city. As for the Yun Family, we'll simply let them live a few more days!"

The Ning Family's little girl was now grievously injured — accidentally caused by him even — but he hoped that the people from the Ning Family would be somewhat reasonable and be willing to reconcile with the Medical City.

However, if he prevented Yun Qingya from bringing Ning Xin to the Medical Pavilion now, then the situation would change! At that time, even if he explained that it was an accident, there still would not be anyone from the Ning Family who would listen to him...

"If we knew that the little girl from Ning Family would be here and go all-out to protect Yun Qingya, we wouldn't have sought out the Yun Family at this time." He harshly gritted his teeth, his heart full of annoyance, as he said, "Retreat!"


Ning residence.

When they heard that Ning Xin was injured by some outsider, the entire Ning Family was shaken, and everyone gathered in the same hall with an unsightly expression on their face.

"The people from the Medical City have some nerve, actually daring to injure our Ning Xing'er! Master, we can't let this matter go and must go to the Medical City to settle the score with them!" said a furious man with a livid expression. The person speaking was the Ning Family's First Elder.

"Master, why did the people from the Medical City injure Ning Xin'er? There must have been more to it."

"I heard that Old Master left Ning Xin'er alone in the Longyuan Kingdom and ran off to who knows where. This time, Ning Xin'er was injured because she was protecting the son of a general. I truly don't know what Old Master was thinking, actually allowing Ning Xin'er to associate herself with those common people."

"That won't do, we must go and bring Ning Xin'er back. Now that she's seriously injured, if she isn't treated immediately, perhaps she won't survive!"

Everyone injected with their own thoughts here and there, every word relaying their fury toward the Medical City and disdain toward the Yun Family.


The middle-aged man sitting on the center seat slammed his hand on the table, his handsome face completely aloof. "Grandfather must have had his reason for leaving Xin'er in Longyuan! Moreover, the granddaughter of the General's Estate of Longyuan is Grandfather's savior and friends with Xin'er. If Grandfather hears you discussing the General's Estate in this manner, he will certainly fly into a rage."

"I don't believe a mere miss of a General's Estate could cure Old Master's illness. Perhaps Old Master did not want us to worry about him so he casually found an excuse," an old man deeply frowned, "Master, we truly can't stop worrying about Ning Xin'er staying there. I hope Master will allow me to take some people to bring Ning Xin'er back to the Ning residence for treatment! With our Ning Family's strength, it won't be a problem to have a worldwide recruitment of physicians!"

The middle-aged man painfully closed his eyes. When he learned of his daughter getting injured, there probably was not anyone more worried than him. He wanted to do nothing more than immediately fly to Longyuan. However, since Grandfather was not home, there must be someone in charge here.

"Alright," the man opened his eyes, "I will allow you to immediately bring Xin'er back to the Ning residence. However, you must be polite to the General's Estate and can't be too rude. Otherwise, no one can stop Grandfather when he's angry."

"Yes, Master."

The elderly man cupped his fists in salute, his voice was respectful, but his face contained a trace of dismissal.


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