Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 439: Going Home (5)

Ning Xin's eyes were barely open, her fan-like eyelashes faintly trembling. Her breathing was very shallow, so shallow that it was as though she would disappear at any time.

"Because I admire you a lot."

After a brief moment, the young girl opened her eyes, a pair of eyes that appeared as though they could speak, and silently stared at the man in front of her, a weak smile appearing on her pretty face.

Yun Qingya's heart trembled, his arm unconsciously tightly holding the girl's body.

"Brother Yun, I don't admire you merely because of your talent! I have seen many geniuses in my life, the Ning Family alone has many! However, after hearing your story, I was deeply captivated by you." The young girl's voice was faint, but her tone carried an unquestionable resolution. "I admire your backbone and am infatuated with your defiant and unyielding spirit! Although you knew the other party's identity, you still stood on the stage and were unwilling to lay down your respect and pride."

"So..." the young girl paused before continuing, "...for you, I'm wholeheartedly willing..."

Her words caused Yun Qingya's heart to intensify in its trembling, and his hold on her tightened, his clear eyes a sea of unswerving determination. "Don't worry, Xiao Feng'er will return soon. Once she's back, nothing will happen to you."

Ning Xin shook her head with a wry smile, "Brother Ning, I'm afraid I can't wait until then. When Feng'er returns, help me say goodbye to her. I haven't been able to make many friends in my life, she can be considered the only one."

Within a power like the Ning Family, although there were many daughters of noble families who wanted to befriend her, those people did it due to the Ning Family's reputation! However, for Yun Luofeng, social standing meant nothing in her eyes and she only cared about whether or not they were worth befriending! Therefore, it was only in front of Yun Luofeng that she would open her heart without any reservation.

Hearing the girl's increasingly weakening voice, Yun Qingya's heart burst with heaven-piercing fury, and his pair of clear eyes coldly looked at the people from the Medical City, "If anything bad happens to Ning Xin, I will eventually annihilate your entire Medical City!"

His voice contained a rage that could destroy the earth and heaven as his long, white robe robes gently fluttered with the wind.

Behind them, a white-robed person stood out and worriedly said, "Elder Lu Yin, what should we do? If the news of Ning Xin being grievously injured travels to Ning Family, that old man of theirs will definitely go crazy!"

They only came here to deal with the General's Estate, who knew that Ning Xin would also be here and even disregard her life for Yun Qingya! With Old Man Ning's protective personality, if he learned that the Medical City accidentally injured Ning Xin, he would be furious for certain!

Especially since it appeared as though Ning Xin would not survive...

"Quick!" Grandfather Yun was the first to react and hurried said, "Qingya, hurry and take her to the Medical Pavilion. There are quite a few physicians in the Medical Pavilion, perhaps they will have a way of containing her injury. Everything will be fine if we can wait for Feng'er's return."

Yun Qingya abruptly regained his wits and without another word, he carried Ning Xin and darted for the other end of the street. Perhaps because he was overly anxious, his speed was as quick as the wind.

"Elder Lu Yin..." the white-robed man opened his mouth to speak while watching the direction that Yun Qingya left, but he was interrupted by Lu Yin's voice.

"Let's return to the Medical City first and discuss with the master of the city about how to deal with Old Man Ning's anger.


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