Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 437: Going Home (3)

At this moment, the elderly head was also thoroughly puzzled. He rubbed his head and looked at Qin Yuan in confusion.

Didn't this man often appear beside Yun Xiao? He was probably Yun Xiao's subordinate! During this period of time in particular, he took extremely good care of the Yun Family and was very humble as a person as well, often running around for the Yun Family.

However, based on Lu Ying's words, Qin Yuan was also a sky-level spirit cultivator? The elderly man was stunned. If Qin Yuan's strength was at sky-level, then how formidable was Yun Xiao's strength?

"Leave here first!" Qin Yuan's expression became increasingly solemn. "Leave here and find my master and Miss Yun, only they can protect you."

"But you..." Yun Luo started. No matter what, he could not do something like leaving Qin Yuan behind to flee for his life on his own.

"I promised Miss Yun that I would protect the Yun Family, so I would rather die here than let anyone touch a single strand of hair on your head! However, I can't stop them for too long, so hurry up and leave! The farther, the better; don't ever come back!"

Standing in the breeze, the grey-clothed figure appeared extremely firm. The man's gaze contained his decision to face death with equanimity as he coldly watched the people from the Medical City.

"No way!" Yun Luo's body fully released his domineering aura as he coldly stated, "There are no deserters on the battlefield!"

"This isn't the battlefield!" Qin Yuan was somewhat anxious.

"To me, any fight is the battlefield! And on the battlefield, a general definitely doesn't desert his soldiers! If this general truly fled, then I would lose every scrap of dignity and reputation!"

As a general, the only principle that Yun Luo understood was that he would rather die in battle before he would ever admit defeat to his enemy. To him, if he abandoned Qin Yuan and fled, how is that any different from a deserter? As long as he remained alive, he would not permit anyone to take a single step into the Yun residence.

"Father," Yun Qingya's eyes contained a clear light, but there was a bitter smile on his lips, "my apologies, I have endangered you..."

The man's apologetic voice caused Yun Luo's heart to suddenly tremble, and the old man turned to look at that handsome face and lifted his hand to lightly pat his shoulder.

"My Yun Family doesn't have any cowards! Feng'er's parents died on the battlefield and were fearless in the face of danger! Feng'er has also inherited her parents' personalities and would rather die than bend! Hence, I don't think you have done anything wrong! Should my son be craven and cowardly instead and submit to his enemy's threats?"

After the elderly man had said this, he briefly paused before continuing, "No! If you admitted defeat on that stage back then due to the other party's identity and allowed yourself to be beaten up without retaliating, then you aren't my son! I don't have cowards as sons!"

Every single member of his Yun Family was heroic - never admitting defeat and never cowering! They would never submit to an enemy in order to survive!

"Qingya, you're this father's good son. Being able to have you and Yun Yang as sons and Feng'er as a granddaughter, Father is already very satisfied and doesn't have any regrets. I also believe that with your niece's strength, she will avenge us eventually."

What was there to fear about death?

To Yun Luo, death was not scary, what was scary was a heart that softened when facing death!

"Hahaha!" Yun Luo guffawed and turned to look at Lu Yin, a mocking smile appearing on his geriatric face. "Lu Yin, kill me if you wish, but if you want me to hand my son over in order to survive, then let me tell you that that wouldn't be possible even in the next life! How could I, Yun Luo, be a craven coward? As a man, I definitely won't disregard and abandon my family!"


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