Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 436: Going Home (2)

Longyuan Kingdom.

Outside the main entrance of the General's Estate, a group of people dressed in long, white robes blocked the entrance, surrounding it like an impenetrable wall. The pedestrians on the streets all had no clue as to what was happening and continuously pointed and gestured at the group of white-robed people with curious glances.

"Yun Qingya, get out here!" the leader, a white-robed elderly man, shouted loudly, his voice akin to a clap of thunder ringing in the sky above the Yun residence.

Not long after, a group of people walked out of the Yun residence with the Yun Family's elderly head, Yun Luo, at the very front. Yun Luo's geriatric face was serious and had a deep frown with an icy light shining in his severe eyes.

A cold and aloof Yun Qingya followed beside the elderly man, his appearance handsome and as elegant as chrysanthemums. His eyes were as clear as spring water, but at this moment, they were slowly being tinged with coldness.

"Lu Yin, you people from the Medical City are actually this untrustworthy? You clearly agreed to the three-year promise, but you come calling at a time like this! Aren't you afraid of your reputation going down the drain?" asked the elderly man between clenched teeth, his chest brimming with fury as he ferociously glared at the old man in front of him.

"Hoho!" Lu Yin disdainfully snorted. "Yun Luo, as long as you hand over Yun Qingya, whoever is beside you, I will let you live! Otherwise, today will be the day that your Yun Family is destroyed!"

The elderly man was trembling in anger. This Lu Yin only came running back because both Elder Ning and Elder Rong left the Longyuan Kingdom! When Lu Yin originally left Longyuan, Yun Luo never would have imagined that the old guy would go back on his word like this!

"You want me to hand over my son? Not unless I die here!" The elderly man's aged body took two steps forward, standing as firm as Mount Tai.

"Yun Luo, do you think that just because you have the Ning Family and the Medical Pavilion supporting you, you can do whatever you want? Let me tell you, the status of the Medical Pavilion in our Physician Association isn't that high! If it weren't for the fact that we are of the same branch, I wouldn't have let you all off that day!" Lu Yin's eyes slightly narrowed, a cold smile appearing on his lips. "Now, I will only give you one chance, hand over Yun Qingya, and I will spare your life!"

"Bah!" the elderly man rudely spat on Lu Yin. "This old man isn't some wimp! If you want this old man to back off, keep dreaming!"

Lu Yin shook from his anger. He did not expect the elderly head to spit on him, so he was not guarded at all. It was not until that mouthful of phlegm landed on him that he reacted. His aged face was livid as he furiously roared, "Yun Luo, you're seeking death!"


Carrying a violent wind, his fist assailed the elderly head.

The members of the Steel Corps and Raging Flame Corps all drew their weapons and prepared to react to Lu Jin's actions...


Suddenly, a grey silhouette shot forth from the wall, quickly placing himself in front of the elderly man. The person's palm received Lu Yin's attack with an enormous bang, forcing the grey figure to stagger back a few steps.

Qin Yuan shook his numb arm with a grimace on his face.

This Yun Family truly knew how to attract enemies. If only it was some normal enemy, but the one who came was actually at the strength of a sky-level cultivator! And he himself had only just broken through to sky level, so even if he wanted to face these people, he might not be enough. However, no matter what, he promised Yun Luofeng, so he must protect the safety of everyone from the Yun Family!

"Sky-level spirit cultivator?"

Lu Yin was somewhat stunned. He glanced at Qin Yuan with darkened eyes, "Yun Luo, no wonder you dare to challenge me. It turns out your Yun Family has the protection of a sky-level spirit cultivator. However, this guy did not break through to sky-level that long ago, so he's no match for me at all."


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