Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 435: Going Home (1)

In the simple yet elegant room, perhaps because the man heard the commotion outside, his sword-like brows lightly knitted, and a cold light flashed through his black eyes.

At this moment, the young girl's wicked voice drifted to his ears, gradually smoothing his features, "Don't mind them, let's continue..."


Their bodies tightly melded together as they closely embraced each other. They kissed from the wall onto the bed, the entire room instantly filling with a sensual air...


Next day, daybreak.

On the rear mountain of Xiao residence, quite a few people gathered in a circle. With a single glance, Wei Liancheng recognized the handsome man and beautiful girl walking toward him, and his eyes filled with admiration.

"You came?"

Yun Luofeng imperceptibly nodded. "Has everyone who possesses the power of the pure Xiao Family blood arrived?"

"Miss Yun, you're planning to let him enter the secret realm?" Astonishment entered Wei Liancheng's eyes. "I heard that only cultivators below sky-level can enter this Xiao Family secret realm. It appears to me that Yun Xiao's ability has long since reached sky-level spirit cultivator, perhaps even higher than that, am I right?"

Yun Xiao's eyes coldly glanced at Wei Lianchen as he icily stated, "I can control my aura to be below sky-level cultivator."

Which meant that this constraint of the Xiao Family's secret realm did not trouble him at all.

"Hoho," Wei Liancheng chuckled in embarrassment, "great then. However, after entering this secret realm, you won't be able to come out for some time."

Yun Xiao grew silent. After a moment, he turned to look at Yun Luofeng. "Go back to the Yun residence and wait for me."

It was only when she returned to the Yun Estate could he enter this secret realm without worry.

"Alright, I will wait for you at the Yun Estate."

Her objective for coming here was to look for Yun Xiao, and since she had found him, it was also time for her to go back! She originally thought that her trip to Spirit Domain would take at least half a year, but she unexpectedly finished taking care of everything in only a few months.

This trip was unimaginably smooth!

Yun Xiao took one last glance of Yun Luofeng before his cold gaze swept past the members of the Xiao Family that he intentionally kept behind, and he icily stated, "Go and open the Xiao Family secret realm now!"

The secret realm of the Xiao Family could only be entered by members of the Xiao Family! And the strength of those entering could not surpass sky-level spirit cultivator! Thankfully, Yun Xiao could control his aura and successfully deceive the secret realm.

Currently, he could only protect her if he possessed enough power!

"Miss Yun," Lin Jingfeng faintly smiled, "I will leave this daughter of mine in your hands. Please be sure to discipline her well; she's too unruly and mischievous and lacks sensibilities. I'll trouble you to take her away."

Although he said all these things, in Lin Jingfeng's heart, his daughter would always be his most precious treasure, an existence more important than his life!

"Then we will set off now," said Yun Luofeng after a brief pause.

"Yes, Master."

Lin Ruobai happily walked to stand beside Yun Luofeng and lightly blinked her brightly shining eyes. "Master, are we heading to your hometown now? Is it fun there?"

"You will see when you get there." Yun Luofeng did not say anything more. She retracted her lingering sight from Yun Xiao's figure, and her lips raised in a languid smile. "It's quite late, let's go."

After saying this, she did not glance at Yun Xiao another time and headed down the mountain. Yun Luofeng could clearly feel a gaze from behind that followed her until she left there...

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