Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 434: Grieving Lin Jingfeng

"How do you know about child making?" Lin Jingfeng asked as he glanced at his own daughter with suspicion.

Lin Ruobai cutely blinked. "This is how it's written in the Chungong Tu, is it incorrect?"

"Chungong Tu?" Upon hearing these words, Lin Jingfeng immediately exploded, all of the hair on his head stood on its end, and he stared at her with widened eyes. "What did you just say? You've actually seen something like a Chungong Tu?"

Could it be that his own daughter was starting to yearn for love?

Thinking of this, Lin Jingfeng's entire body felt unwell and incredibly heartbroken, and his look of despair was as though his own wife ran off with someone else.

For all these years, he had never thought about the fact that his daughter would eventually marry someone. To him, his daughter was still young and should stick by her father's side instead of being the wife of some bastard. Even if his daughter had to marry, it would still be something several years down the line. He did not realize that she would yearn for love this quickly. How could that be possible? This was no different from sticking a knife into his heart.

"Xiao Bai," Lin Jingfeng hurriedly steadied his tumultuous heart, his hands firming pressing on Lin Ruobai's shoulders, and looked at her seriously and intently, "you are still young right now, only 13 years old! You're only allowed to look at Chungong Tu when you're an adult!"

"But..." Lin Ruobai pursed her lips, "Master is only two years older than me, and she can already create children with her lover, so why can't I look at Chungong Tu?"

"This..." Lin Jingfeng was rendered speechless, his eyes shifting a few times before saying, "you already said that your master is two years older than you, so you're still too young. Wait at least two years before learning these things, you still aren't permitted now."

"Fine," Lin Ruobai pouted in resentment, "I won't look at it from now on."

Worst comes to worst, she would have Master bring her to visit the brothel. She heard that you can see a live version of Chungong Tu there, so much more interesting than the drawings...

As for why she did not dare to watch Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao's Chungong Tu, that was because she did not have the guts to offend Master's lover. Otherwise, she had no clue where he would toss her to and if she did not see Master ever again, who would she cry to then?

"Good daughter, tell Daddy, who gave you that Chungong Tu?" asked Lin Jingfeng with a much gentler tone.

"Xiao Yue   1 was looking at it in secret, and I discovered him, so I snatched it from him. After looking at it, I found it quite interesting, so I kept it."

Xiao Yue?

A berserk fury tore out of Lin Jingfeng's body, and, with his back facing the dark sky, he coldly ordered, "Someone, toss that punk into the Nest of Devils for punishment! Actually giving something like this to Miss to look at!"

In the darkness, a shadow cupped his fists in salute and disappeared in the neverending night sky in the blink of an eye...

Nest of Devils was the most dangerous location in the Spirit God Mountain! Supposedly, people who were tossed into the Nest of Devil could not come out without being seriously injured! Hence, the fury that currently resided in Lin Jingfeng's heart could be imagined.

Seeing her father's belligerent appearance, Lin Ruobai did not dare to utter another word and also became annoyed. If she knew this would happen, she should not have told him about the Chungong Tu!

"Daddy, it's already late, so I'll go back and rest first," Lin Ruobai quickly shifted the topic, "Right, definitely don't go and disturb Master and her lover! Master's lover is truly too scary, not only is he strong, but he also doesn't have too good of a temper. Only Master can tame him."

Unless he was in Yun Luofeng's presence, Yun Xiao did not have a pleasant attitude and was perpetually expressionless.

  1. Xiao Yue (小岳): Yue (岳) means a high mountain or the highest peak of a mountain ridge.

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