Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 433: Yun Xiao and Yun Luofeng (2)

The young girl provided an irrelevant response while looking at Yun Xiao with a smile. "It appears that something like technique truly needs to be practiced repeatedly. Whenever we are free from now on, we can practice frequently, what do you think?"

"Okay." He would never reject Yun Luofeng's requests, especially a suggestive proposal like this!

"Yun Xiao, when your Heaven and Spirit Method has a breakthrough again, I will give myself over to you, alright?"

Some might say that Yun Luofeng only had a favorable impression of Yun Xiao at the beginning, but the fact that she was willing to use dual cultivation to cure Yun Xiao's deranged symptoms during his breakthrough already proved that she accepted him with her whole heart and body.

If a person had a man this excellent and loyal as well as lovable and obedient beside them, not many could remain unmoved. She was the same! This man made her taste what it was like to have her heart stirred for the first time.

"For you, I will break through as fast as possible." Yun Xiao's gaze was concentrated and serious, and after saying those words, he quietly picked up the clothes from the floor and laid them over the girl's body.

She raised her brows imperceptibly. "Aren't you going to continue looking?"

"It's cold," Yun Xiao intently looked at Yun Luofeng, "I'm afraid you will catch a cold..."

"..." Yun Luofeng started, her lips unable to resist curling up when she saw the man's completely serious expression.

"Yun Xiao, I finally know why I like you," she lowly chuckled, "it's because of your foolishness and purity. To be able to retain a personality like this in the giant dye jar that is this world, it's truly too rare."

"You said that my paper had a black spot painted by you, but, in fact, that's not all. My entire paper has been completely painted black by you." Yun Xiao's gaze remained serious and earnest. "However, I only permit you alone to paint other colors onto my paper."

For the rest of his life, the only woman that he wanted was her!

Hence, he only permitted her to paint the piece of white paper that represented his love life black.

" Ah Xiao. 1 " Yun Luofeng's fingers raised his chin, and she stood on her tiptoes to press a light kiss against his lips. "I will wait until your breakthrough with the Heaven and Spirit Method. At that time, I will hand a complete me over to you."

After saying this, her hand slowly fell on the man's chest, wanting to gently push his body away, but just as her hand touched his chest, he suddenly pulled her into his arms, his lips descending again.

Beside her ear was the man's rough voice, "You said you wanted to practice kissing technique with me. We will continue to practice now."


Outside the door, Lin Ruobai, who originally came here to find Yun Luofeng, accidentally heard the activity inside the room. She quickly retracted the hand that she just extended to push the door open and hurriedly covered her eyes.

"See no evil, see no evil..."

"Xiao Bai, what are you doing?" Suddenly, a pleasant, masculine voice came from behind her, causing her to jump in surprise. She quickly turned her head and placed her fingers against her lips, making a shushing motion.

"Daddy, Master and Master's lover are making a child right now, we shouldn't bother them."

Through the thin veil on the window, she could faintly see the two people kissing inside the room, and according to the descriptions in the Chungong Tu 2 , the next step should be child creating!

As soon as she thought of that embarrassing scene, Lin Ruobai's face turned thoroughly red.

Thank goodness that she stopped in time and did not enter, otherwise, with Master's partner's personality, he would definitely chop her into pieces.

  1. Ah Xiao (阿潇): adding the prefix "Ah" in front of a monosyllabic name denotes familiarity/affection.
  2. Ancient Chinese erotic pictures or illustrations. Often multiple pictures were compiled together as a book.


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