Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 431: Lin Yue's Crime

The night was like water.

Pale moonlight streamed into the room, landing on the young girl's peerlessly beautiful face. The girl felt movements from the outside and slightly opened her eyes, and a bewitching and enthralling smile appeared on her face. Her eyes were like the starry night sky, bright and filled with seductive power, causing people to involuntarily drown in them, unable to free themselves...

"Yun Xiao." Watching the cold man entering the door, Yun Luofeng had a wide smile on her face. "How do you plan to handle the matter with Xiao Yuqing?"

Yun Xiao was silent for a moment. "Lin Qiong has returned, and Xiao Yuqing was indeed sent to the Forest of No Return. That place is too dangerous, so I summoned Lin Qiong to come back."

The entire world claimed that the Ghost Emperor was cold-hearted and just as cruel to his subordinates, but he would never permit his own subordinate to become an unnecessary sacrifice! If he had Lin Qiong head to the Forest of No Return to search for Xiao Yuqing, it would undoubtedly be pointless! What need was there to do such a thing?

"Yun Xiao, do you think Xiao Yuqing is truly Lin Yue's son?" Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes.

The more that she thought about it, the more suspicious she became. If Lin Yue was not guilty, why would she choose to commit suicide?


Yun Luofeng appeared to have remembered something and continued, "I heard that only those from the Xiao bloodline can enter your Xiao Family's secret realm, so if Xiao Yuqing isn't of the Xiao bloodline, why would Lin Yue allow him to enter the secret realm without worry?"

Yun Xiao glanced at Yun Luofeng, hesitating and looking as though he was reluctant to speak.

It took a while before he made a decision and said, "There's a secret technique that allows someone to completely exchange the blood inside a person and use this to deceive the world! If Lin Yue killed her own child and exchanged Xiao Yuqing's blood with her child's, even the Xiao Family's secret realm couldn't discern the difference."

As the Xiao Family's heir, if Xiao Yuqing's identity was false, wasn't it the same as giving the Xiao Family away on a silver platter? Therefore, before Lin Yue joined the Xiao Family, Xiao Lin must have used the blood-dripping verification method to set his identity! If she wanted to achieve her goal through underhanded means, she could only turn Xiao Yuqing into the Xiao Family's direct descendant by using the secret technique to exchange two people's blood.

The hand that Yun Luofeng used to hold her teacup trembled lightly. "Are you saying that Lin Yue would kill her biological child and also exchange that child's blood with Xiao Yuqing's?"

Regardless of how vicious and merciless Lin Yue was, could she really ruthlessly kill her own child?

"I had someone investigate it just now." Yun Xiao intently looked at Yun Luofeng. "Back then, all the people who helped Lin Yue give birth to her child had an accident and died. Then, not long later, someone dug up a female baby with all its blood sucked out from a field not far away. Because nobody claimed the corpse of this female baby, it was hastily buried!"

In other words, Lin Yue killed her own daughter back then. Then, to destroy the evidence, she drained all of the blood from the baby and replaced Xiao Yuqing's blood with the baby's blood, using this to prove that he was a child of the Xiao Family!

Yun Luofeng snorted. "We allowed Lin Yue to die too easily!"

Even wild beasts looked after their young! But to attain a higher standing in life, she would murder even her own child! This sin was more than enough to make her fall into eternal hell!

Yun Xiao's expression remained cold; he tended to not possess any unnecessary feelings for unimportant people. Hence, despite the fact that Lin Yue did something like that, his face was still void of emotions.

"Before I was seven, Lin Yue lived outside, so she had plenty of space to do this and not be discovered."

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