Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 429: Anyone Who Humiliates Her, Dies!

"Yun Xiao," Yun Luofeng turned her head, facing Xiao Chen with her back. Her pitch-black eyes were like the dark sky and its stars, revealing an abyss, "I'm tired."

Her words implied that she hoped Yun Xiao would hurry and finish taking care of these people in front of them so that she could return and rest.

"Okay," Yun Xiao lightly nodded, "wait a minute for me."

When that man's cold voice was heard, the eyes of the Xiao Family's father and son divulged their fear. Then, two rays of light flashed and pierced into their throats.

Xiao Chen probably never imagined that Yun Xiao would actually kill his own father.

Could it be that he really did not fear the wrath of Heaven?

Even until the moment that he closed his eyes, his brain was still pondering this question...

From Yun Xiao speaking those words to the Xiao father and son meeting their end, only 20 seconds had passed, so there was still a lot of time left in the minute that he spoke of!

After disposing of the two members of the Xiao Family, the man's callous gaze turned to the group from the Ling Family again...

Ling Feng originally wanted to sneak away while everyone was not paying attention. However, he did not walk too far before meeting the man's cold gaze. His back suddenly grew stiff and sweat could not help but surface.

"Young Master Xiao," Ling Feng dryly chuckled twice, "Ling Yao and you are considered to have once had an engagement, and our Ling Family never hurt you. So, could you let me go? As long as you're willing, I can gift Yao'er to you to be your concubine."

Hearing her grandfather's words, indignance surfaced on the face of the young girl lying on the ground. She was originally Yun Xiao's fiancée, but she could only become a concubine now? If people learned of it, she would surely be ridiculed. Moreover, she did not think that Yun Luofeng's status could surpass hers!

"Brother Xiao," Ling Yao looked at Yun Xiao with tearful eyes. "I'm aware of my mistake. If you're willing to give me a chance, I'm willing to fulfill the engagement and become your wife."

At this moment, every word that Ling Yao spoke, a piercing pain would come from her body. It was evident that her injuries were not light. For Yun Xiao, she was completely ignoring her pain to say these words. However, she had clearly forgotten how Yun Xiao crippled her without any mercy just now, so why would he have any pity for her?

"Yao'er!" Ling Feng's expression shifted.

It had to be said that the current Ling Yao was already a trash, and becoming a concubine for Yun Xiao already required profuse thanks. If it weren't for their previous engagement, he would not have planned to exchange Ling Yao for the Ling Family's peace. However, it appeared that besides previously having decent innate talent, this granddaughter, Ling Yao, was completely useless in everything else and also did not have a single bit of intelligence.

"Young Master Yun Xiao, if you don't like Ling Yao, our Ling Family still has other women, I can gift them all to you to be your concubines." Ling Feng looked at Yun Xiao in an ingratiating manner. "I only beg you, please let our Ling Family off."

Because Lin Jingfeng came rather late and did not see everything that happened earlier, he naturally did not know about Yun Xiao crippling Ling Yao without any leniency. Therefore, hearing Ling Feng's words now, his eyes revealed a hint of fury, but even more prominent was worry. In this world, how many men could resist the allure of beauty? If this man could not resist the terms proposed by Ling Feng, then what would Xiao Bai's master do with herself?

Just as Lin Jingfeng was plagued with anxiety, the man's icy voice slowly rung in this rear mountain.

"The Ling Family...humiliated her."

"What?" Ling Feng started, not understanding the meaning of the man's words.

The man briefly paused before continuing to say, "Anyone who humiliates her, dies!"

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