Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 427: Dog Eat Dog

Make it up? Hearing Xiao Chen's words, Yun Luofeng sneered, "Yun Xiao was expelled out of the Xiao Family when he was only seven and thrown into the Forest of No Return. Can you imagine how much he suffered all those years? What makes you believe you can make it up to him?"

"But..." Xiao Chen looked towards the girl who was approaching him and backed up a few steps in fear. He clenched his teeth and tried to defend himself, "It was my father who decided to expel him from the family, and it was Lin Yue who threw him into the Forest of No Return. I had nothing to do with these things. I am innocent."

Xiao Chen didn't feel any guilt saying these words. He just tried to defend himself with all possible arguments and put all the blame on others.

"You..." Xiao Lin turned to Xiao Chen angrily, his finger trembling with anger, "You didn't want him because you thought he was a trash! If it weren't for the fact that you brought Lin Yue and Xiao Yuqing home, I wouldn't have kicked him out of the family!"

Xiao Chen snorted and argued coldly, "Father, it was all your fault, I just followed your orders. Besides, I didn't intend to bring Lin Yue and Xiao Yuqing home. I brought them home because you found out that Xiao Yuqing had great talent."

Xiao Lin's face turned from blue to white, and then from white to blue, his eyes filled with raging flames, but more disappointment than distress. This was his good son who he had been taken care of for so many years! To save his own life, he would rather put all the blame on his old father!

"Father, even a spiritual beast will protect its cub. If you really treat me as your son, you should cut your throat before Xiao'er to atone for your sins! I'll bury you after you die, otherwise, you will end up not being buried!" A fierce look flashed through Xiao Chen's eyes. Every man for himself! His father's life was not as important as his own life.

As long as Yun Xiao could let him go, he wouldn't mind sacrificing his father's life!

"Hahaha!" Xiao Lin was so angry that he burst into laughter, his laughter resounding throughout the back mountain of the Xiao Family, "Look, what a good son I have! You want me to be your scapegoat? In your dreams! It was because of you that Xiao 'er was kicked out of the Xiao Family! And have you forgotten how you treated his mother? If it weren't for the fact that his mother was taken away, that woman would probably be tortured to death by you!"

Xiao Chen's face greatly changed, "Bullsh*t! I didn't abuse her at all. Don't try to frame me."

After saying this, he turned his eyes to Yun Xiao and hurriedly explained, "Xiao 'er, don't listen to this old fool's bullsh*t! I loved your mother, I swear to God! If it weren't for the old fool who was satisfied with Xiao Yuqing's talent and insisted on welcoming Lin Yue and Xiao Yuqing to the Xiao Family, I would not have been forced to reduce your mother to a concubine. It's all his fault. I'm innocent!"

From the very beginning, Yun Xiao did not look at the two who were biting at each other, as if it was an insult to him to even look at the two.

"Miss Yun." Seeing Yun Xiao ignored him, Chen Xiao hurriedly turned to Yun Luofeng and begged, "It's all this old fool's decision, and I'm innocent. Please plead for me. If Xiao'er can forgive me, I will do all I can to make it up to him."

Looking at Xiao Chen who was so pathetic, Wei Liancheng shook his head and smiled with contempt.

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