Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 425: The Mysterious Person Taking Away His Mother

With her commanding attitude, the girl was like a god, looking down at the common herd. Lin Yue's face was turning paler, she felt a burning pain in her chest, and she couldn't move her body. Whenever she moved, her bones ached so much that she couldn't help gasping in pain.

"Yun Luofeng, you will go to hell!" She gnashed her teeth and cursed word by word.

Yun Luofeng sneered, "Alas, you are not even qualified to go to hell! I'll give you one more chance, where is Yun Xiao's mother?!"

"Hmm!" Lin Yue clenched her lips, and a cold snort came from her nose. Why would she tell this woman so much information since she would die anyway? She would love to see them blindly search for that woman for their entire lives, and end up with nothing...

"It seems that you want to taste the 'Bone-shattering Pill' now," Yun Luofeng lowered her eyes, an evil look flickering across her eyes, "so I'm going to satisfy you."

Hardly had Yun Luofeng 's voice faded away when a body shattering pain immediately ran all through her body. Under the severe pain, she broke into a cold sweat and trembled all over. It was so painful that she couldn't even cry out.

"I'll tell you, I'll tell you!" Clenching her teeth, she tried really hard to spit out these words. At this moment, she finally understood why Ling Yao was so afraid of Yun Luofeng. Nobody could really bear this body-shattering pain...

"His mother... was taken away by a mysterious man. I happened to see it. Even Xiao Lin and Xiao Chen didn't know about it." As she spit out these words, the sharp pain soon disappeared. Soaked with sweat, she couldn't help but tremble as long as she recalled the sharp pain. Over the years, she kept it secret, not telling anybody about it. She didn't expect that she would be compelled to tell about it today...

"Do you know the identity of the mysterious man?" Yun Luofeng pondered and asked.

Lin Yue feebly shook her head, "I don't know. I don't even know who the mysterious man was."

At this moment, Lin Yue would not continue to lie. It seemed that she really didn't know who the mysterious man was...

She just didn't understand why the mysterious man took Yun Xiao's mother away.

"Done with this question. There is another question. Is Xiao Yuqing your real son? I've never seen a mother who would transfer her son to a place like the Forest of No Return."

Yun Xiao had narrowly escaped from the Forest of No Return, but Lin Yue thought Yun Xiao became so powerful just because he found some opportunity within the Forest of No Return, so she transferred Xiao Yuqing to the Forest of No Return via a charm.


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