Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 423: Arrogant and Domineering (1)

When Lin Jingfeng heard his daughter's words, his gently smiling face immediately darkened. An icy look flickered across his sharp eyes, and guided by Lin Ruobai's gaze he slowly turned his eyes to Lin Yue, who was lying on the ground and pretending to be dead. Trembling all over, Lin Yue prayed that Lin Jingfeng would not notice her, her eyes tight shut, her pale face perspiring...

Unfortunately, he did.

The man's eyes were like sharp blades, scraping over her skin, and this made her feel like she was being cut into pieces by those blades, her heart filled with pain and fear.

Lin Jingfeng laughed coldly, and his laughter was like icy blades that made all the people of the Xiao Clan kneel down in fear. "I didn't expect that your daughter-in-law was bold enough to lord it over the Spirit God Mountain and utter nonsense like my baby girl was disfavored by me."

"Master Jingfeng." Xiao Lin was kneeling down in the cold wind, his old body shivering, "I didn't know this little girl was your daughter, I just... "

"Oh?" Lin Jinfeng showed an icy smile and gave Xiao Lin a threatening look. "You didn't know that Xiao Bai was my daughter, so you concluded that she was the illegitimate daughter of Wei Liancheng?"

Although there was a distance between him and Lin Jingfeng, Xiao Lin felt the man's voice was right beside his ear. Shaking harder, he was on all fours, as if he was trying to hide in the dust.

"Get out of here!" Lin Jingfeng shouted coldly. "I'll settle with you later."

Saying this, he turned his eyes to Lin Yue on the ground, a cruel smile appearing on his lips. "If you continue to pretend to be dead, I will make you regret it soon!"

Xiao Bai was his baby girl. He loved her so much that he wouldn't even say a harsh word to her. How dare this woman humiliate his baby girl and bullsh*t that he would rather pass down his power to his nephew instead of his own daughter!

Greatly frightened by his words, the unkempt Lin Yue no longer pretended to be dead, quickly got up from the ground, and kept kowtowing to him. "Please, forgive me... As long as you forgive me, I'll be at your service for my entire life."

Before when she had transferred Xiao Yuqing away with a charm, at that moment she had been determined to face her death. But who in the world was not afraid of death? Let alone that she had tried so hard to acquire her position today!

If she could survive, she didn't want to die here!

"At my service?" Lin Jingfeng lifted his chin arrogantly and gave a sneer, "Do you deserve it?"

The man's words were full of contempt, his eyes so arrogant, as if he did not put Lin Yue who looked just like a crazy woman in his eyes. Indeed, there were too many people who were desperate to be at the service of the Spirit God Mountain! Who did Lin Yue think she was?


Lin Yue drew back a few steps, stumbled and fell to the ground. Suddenly, she burst into laughter, "Did I say anything wrong? Yes, the Spirit God Mountain is very strong, so what? You will die without any descendant! When you go to hell, how will you face your ancestors? Hahaha!"

Since she would die anyway, why not humiliate these people before she died? Seeing that Lin Jingfeng's face immediately changed, Lin Yue felt quite pleased.

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