Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 422: Lin Ruobai’s Father Arrives (4)

"Lord," Xiao Lin did not see that odd expression of Wei Liancheng and he continued speaking," a man like him does not have the qualifications to be the spokesperson of the Spirit God Mountain. Only people who are unconditionally loyal to the Spirit Domain have such a right."

He was indirectly saying that Wei Liancheng did not have the right to be a spokesperson, and only a person like him, Xiao Lin, who was loyal had this right!

"Keke!" Wei Liancheng sneeringly laughed, "Xiao Lin, I truly don't know if you are really stupid or not, but I've never seen a person who is stupid to such an extent as you."

This idiot actually dared to claim that Lin Ruobai was my illegitimate daughter in front of Lin Jingfeng. Wasn't this bringing it on oneself?

Lin Jingfeng's expression was so solemn that it was frightening. An intense storm seemed to rush forth from his eyes and a glance as sharp as sword shot at Xiao Lin. However, he did not say anything ultimately but walked towards Lin Ruobai without consulting anyone. When Lin Jingfeng stood before the young lady, his footsteps paused and his voice hoarsely called, "Wei Liancheng."

Xiao Lin proudly looked at Wei Liancheng. That old bastard actually dared to help these people and make things difficult for the Xiao Family and now that the Spirit God Mountain people were here, he's doomed!

However, continuing on, Lin Jingfeng's words caused Xiao Lin's aged face to stiffen and he was stupefied to the extent of not being able to speak.

The man's voice became increasingly low and it was as if a sharp knife had drifted past him, "Guard him and don't let him escape."

Xiao Lin's expression was lifeless as he did not understand the meaning of Lin Jingfeng's words. According to reason, shouldn't he fly into a rage out of humiliation and kill these outsiders and Wei Liancheng that traitor?

But why did he ask Wei Liancheng to guard him?

Soon, Lin Jingfeng's actions answered to the questions in Xiao Lin's heart.

When he had walked to Lin Ruobai, his sharp expression gradually became gentle, and his handsome face had a tender smile as he spoke gently, "Xiao Bai, why didn't you throw yourself into your father's embrace after seeing me this time around like you did in the past?"

The man's voice had instantly thrown Xiao Lin into the underworld.

His heart was ice-cold and cold sweat emerged from his entire body.

He seemed to have heard Lin Jingfeng say the words 'your father'?

Don't tell me, that young lady was Lin Jingfeng's daughter?

Thinking of this possibility, Xiao Lin's expression became pale and lacked of color instantly. The reason Wei Liancheng had indulged that young lady as such, was not because she was his illegitimate daughter, but instead, because of the other's party identity as the Miss of Spirit God Mountain?

It was such a joke that he had just assumed that Lin Ruobai was Wei Liancheng's illegitimate daughter and had even said it out loud in front of her real father.

"Daddy," Lin Ruobai looked at Lin Jingfeng who was walking closer and her bright eyes contained a grievance, "do you not love me anymore?"

Lin Jingfeng did not understand why his precious daughter would say such things, and he couldn't help but stare blankly. Soon after, he saw her expression of being unfairly treated, and the gentleness in his face became increasingly prominent. "Xiao Bai, you are my only daughter and if I don't love you, who will I love?"

Lin Ruobai pouted her small lips, and she looked towards Lin Yue whose complexion was already deathly pale without any color. "Earlier on, this auntie said that your daughter was unable to carry on the ancestral line for the family and will not be liked by Daddy. Only someone like her son is considered a real genius. She also said that you would hand over all your assets to your nephew rather than giving them to me! Otherwise, you would become the joke of others!"

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