Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 421: Lin Ruobai’s Father Arrives (3)

Spirit God Mountain?

Xiao Lin's original despairing expression suddenly brightened after hearing the three words Spirit God Mountain. "The people from the Spirit God Mountain have arrived? As long as they come, the Xiao Family will be saved! Hahaha, Wei Liancheng, you've colluded with outsiders to harm the Spirit Domain. Do you think that person from Spirit God Mountain will forgive you?"

Although Xiao Lin was also suspicious of why the Spirit God Mountain would come to the Xiao Family without any reason, this did not mean he wouldn't make use of their strength to flaunt their might! As long as the Spirit God Mountain backed them up, these people would be unable to cause any trouble!

Thinking of that, his gaze turned towards Yun Xiao who was on one side and his aged face was smiling. "I can give you a chance to hand over your soul jade plaque and return to the Xiao Family! Otherwise, you will definitely regret your decision today!"

The Spirit God Mountain was the strongest force in the Spirit Domain and also symbolized power and prestige! The Spirit God Mountain had a God-like existence in the hearts of everyone in the Spirit Domain! Unsurpassable and unparalleled!

As he was speaking, sounds of orderly footsteps of the people from the Spirit God Mountain resounded in the entire rear mountain. Not even a moment later, Xiao Lin saw a handsome middle-aged man hastily walking over from the foot of the mountain. His clothing was freely flying in the wind and he had an astonishing might! One need not think to know that this man's identify was certainly incomparably grand!

A group of bodyguards followed behind the man and their strength was out of the ordinary. Their auras were like a treasured sword that was unsheathed and extremely sharp.

In the vast sea of people, in a glance Lin Jingfeng saw Lin Ruobai who was obediently standing beside Yun Luofeng. Only after seeing that his precious daughter was unharmed did his heart slowly loosen. Right now, whenever he recalled the letter that Wei Liancheng had sent over, a raging fury would bubble up in his heart.

"Lord Jingfeng," Wei Liancheng walked over slowly and a hint of a smile curved upon his aged face, "you're here?"

Lord Jingfeng?

A look of astonishment appeared on Xiao Lin's face. Could it be that this middle-aged man before me was that person on Spirit God Mountain that had been revered as a supreme existence?

"Lord!" Thinking of this, Xiao Lin immediately recovered his senses and he fiercely stared at Wei Liancheng while he hastily spoke, "Wei Liancheng this old man is excessively unruly, to actually collude with outsiders to scheme and seize power in the Spirit Domain! That illegitimate daughter of his is the best evidence!"

Wei Liancheng's illegitimate daughter had acknowledged an outsider as her master and right now, that outsider was thinking of oppressing the Xiao Family. Didn't this indirectly prove that Wei Liancheng had colluded with outsiders?

Lin Jingfeng, who originally wanted to walk towards his treasured daughter, stopped in his tracks because of Xiao Lin's words. He looked in astonishment at Wei Liancheng and asked, "Liancheng, when did you have an illegitimate daughter? Why was I unaware of this?"

Wei Liancheng was also baffled as he touched his own head and in a puzzled manner replied, "Illegitimate daughter? Even I am not aware of any illegitimate daughter."

"Wei Liancheng! You're still trying to worm out of this!" Xiao Lin coldly snorted and he angrily pointed towards Lin Ruobai. "Isn't this darn girl your illegitimate daughter? If it weren't because you have a relationship with her, why would you indulge her as such?"

Following the direction where Xiao Lin pointed, Lin Jingfeng gaze gradually turned towards his precious daughter who was nibbling on her fingers...


His entire being was stunned.

Wei Lianchang's expression revealed an odd look. In addition to his initial disdain, his gaze looking towards Xiao Lin also contained sympathy. He helplessly shook his head but his face had unconcealable gloating.

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