Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 418: Hate

Before Xiao Yuqing had a chance to react, he saw Lin Yue fishing out a talisman from her bosom. Shortly after, she suddenly pressed it into Xiao Yuqing's hands and with a tearing sound, she used his hands to tear this talisman.

"Yuqing, this is a teleportation talisman that can teleport you to places that are several thousand meters away, and it is the only treasure that I have collected all these years. You have to remember to avenge me!"


Xiao Yuqing hastily shouted, and after that, his entire body drifted along with the wind and quickly disappeared from the rear mountain area.

Lin Yue's actions were too fast, so fast to the extent that everyone was unable to react. After that, her gaze gradually turned towards Xiao Chen and a hint of a bitter smile curled up on the corners of her lips.

"I gave my entire life's youth to you, and you betrayed me." Her eyes were laden with grief and no longer had her conceited look of the past. "Luckily I still have Yuqing, and he's all the hope I have left. I will not let him die at the hands of you people."

If it were the Lin Yue of the past, she would definitely choose to survive on her own and let Xiao Yuqing die! However, her heart was filled with hatred right now. She did not want to drag out an ignoble existence and only wanted to take revenge! With her aptitude, even if she were to escape from here, she would absolutely not have the opportunity to take revenge. As such, she had given the chance to survive to Xiao Yuqing, while her purpose was to let him take revenge and wipe out a grudge for her in the future!

Yun Xiao fixed his eyes on Xiao Yuqing's departing direction as he slightly furrowed his eyebrows and gave Lin Qiong who was standing beside him a meaningful glance. Lin Qiong grasped the intention he had wanted to convey and hastily shot out towards a distant place, quickly disappearing before everyone's eyes.

Yun Xiao only retracted his gaze after Lin Qiong had left. His unfeeling expression deeply stared at Lin Yue and killing intent gradually emitted from his body, shrouding the entire rear mountain.

"Keke," Lin Yue sensed Yun Xiao's killing intent and laughed sneeringly, "Even if I die in your hands, my son will definitely avenge me! At that time, you will also come and accompany me in the underworld, Hahaha!"

Her laughter was filled with malevolence, as her eyes were filled with hatred.


How could she not hate?

Absolutely no one could surpass her son, especially this trash!

Wei Liancheng could no longer continue to silently stand by and ridiculed her as he said, "Lin Yue, I only want to say this. Your son is not as good as Yun Xiao right now and he will not surpass him in the future either. You better not put too much hope in him."

"Hmph! I don't believe it and my son is very outstanding! The reason why this trash could become so powerful is that he definitely met with some sort of opportunity! Therefore, I have already sent away Xiao Yuqing, and the location is the Forest of No Return!"

Wei Liancheng shook his head. This woman has truly gone mad!

She threw Yun Xiao into the Forest of No Return in the past, and now she also made her own son enter there. Only a crazy woman would do such a thing.

"If you want to kill me then do it. Afterall, my Yuqing will avenge me!" Lin Yue raised her chin and sneeringly looked at these people before her.

"You want to die?" Yun Luofeng tugged the corner of her lips. "I'm afraid it won't be that easy. Haven't you ever heard of the saying, alive but hoping you could die?"

She would never forget that it was this woman that had caused Yun Xiao to be harmed. Just based on this point, it was sufficient for her to die ten thousand times over!

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