Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 417: You Are All My Hope


Xiao Lin could not control himself and a fist landed on Lin Yue's body, causing her to fly out instantly and fall heavily to the ground.

Xiao Lin at this moment had tightly gripped his fist and sounds of his bones cracking could be heard. His entire aged face was ashen, while the fury surging forth seemed as if it could instantly burn Lin Yue into ashes.

"Slut, you actually dared to take the jade plaque without permission and it was even stolen!"

Lin Yue closed her eyes and her expression seemed to give up all hope. She opened both her eyes and her line of sight look straight at Yun Xiao. "That year, why didn't you die when I threw you into the Forest of No Return? How good it would be if you were dead!"

Just when Xiao Yuqing had shifted the huge tree pressing on him, he had suddenly heard his mother speaking of this. His entire body suddenly shook, and his handsome face became pale in a split second.

The words Yun Luofeng had said previously… were actually true!

His mother had truly done something that was akin to killing the Xiao Family's bloodline!

Xiao Yuqing slowly shut his eyes. When he recalled the words he once spoke to protect his mother, he found them ridiculous at this moment! Reality had ruthlessly given him a tight slap on his face that was extremely painful!

"Mother, you told me that in order to obtain Father, his mother had captured your servant girl to force you to leave. Was that a fake story?" Xiao Yuqing opened his eyes as his cold gaze cooly looked at Lin Yue who was lying ahead of him and his tone was filled with disappointment.

It was as if this disappointed voice had pierced Lin Yue's heart, causing her to tremble.

"That's right, it's a lie!"

At this moment, she no longer concealed herself, as such, she had admitted to Xiao Yuqing's words.


Xiao Yuqing's heart shivered as he retreated a few steps. Only by supporting himself on the tree beside him did he manage to stand steadily. His cold eyes were filled with deep pain.

It was also at this moment that he saw Xiao Lin's fist directed towards Lin Yue. He did not even think but rushed over and used his own body to shield Lin Yue from Xiao Lin's attack.


This palm strike caused Xiao Yuqing to fly out several meters distance. He vomited out fresh blood while his internal organs were aching incessantly. He didn't think that even after knowing the truth, he didn't have the heart to see his mother die!


Perhaps Lin Yue found her conscience and was not afraid of death as before. She hastily rushed to Xiao Yuqing's side and an anxious expression appeared on her face. "How are you feeling?"

"Mother, that year… why did you do it?" Xiao Yuqing disappointedly looked at Lin Yue. "Why did you commit so many unforgivable evil deeds?"

Evil deeds?

These two words agitated Lin Yue and she furiously said, "You actually think that what I did were evil deeds? Weren't my actions all because of you? Don't tell me you want to become an illegitimate child? In order to let you return to the Xiao Family, in order to give you the status of being a son of the first wife, I did so many things. Why are you still reproaching me?"

Xiao Yuqing laughed bitterly, "If I had known earlier that the status of being a son of the first wife was obtained in this way, I would rather not have it! I'd rather live outside and it would be much better than coming into this inhumane Xiao Family."

Were his mother's actions truly for him?


What she had done was for herself!

She yearned for a luxurious life and wanted a position where people respected her. For this, she did not hesitate to commit countless crimes! He should have been aware of this long before, but he had been deceiving others and himself for so many years...

Lin Yue lowered her eyes and softly whispered in Xiao Yuqing's ears, "Yuqing, from now on, you are all my hope." 


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