Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 416: Threaten (3)

Yun Xiao coldly shot a glance at Xiao Lin, "Then I shall kill them."

His tone was ruthless as if those people were only ants and not real people who were still alive.

"Good, very good, Yun Xiao. You truly don't wish to continue living. Since that's the case, I shall send you down to the underworld."

Xiao Lin laughed maliciously and his hand landed on the jade plaque...


The jade plaque broke into two pieces in his hands.

Xiao Lin smiled contemptuously at Yun Xiao. "Yun Xiao, this is the result of you not doing what you're told. My Xiao Family doesn't require people who are disobedient!"

Looking at Yun Xiao, Xiao Lin's entire being was stunned.

That man stood under the light breeze with his black robes rippling under the wind. His emotionless face was extremely handsome, while his eyes were still tranquil without any fluctuation as he expressionlessly looked at him.

"Impossible, how can this be?"

Xiao Lin shivered. "How are you still alive when your jade plaque broke?"

Just when Xiao Lin asked that, Yun Luofeng who was standing at one side all along finally opened her mouth and unhurriedly said, "You should ask your son about this matter."

Having heard what was said, Xiao Lin suddenly turned and look at Xiao Chen and a look of fury appeared in his eyes. "Tell me, what exactly is going on?" His tone contained a rage that could not be suppressed.

Xiao Chen only recalled what he had done a few days back and he was intimidated to the point that he slightly trembled. "Father… this jade plaque, I had taken it for Lin Yue at that time to please her."

"Sigh," Xiao Lin's was still somewhat angry internally but he still managed to relax because of Xiao Chen's words. He turned to look at Lin Yue and questioned, "Where is the jade plaque? Take it out."

Lin Yue opened her mouth and a trace of horror flashed across her pretty face

"Lin Yue, hand the jade plaque over to Father." Xiao Chen furrowed his eyebrows, "Didn't you want him to die? Now, as you wish, as long as you hand over the jade plaque, his soul will be wiped out here."

"Jade plaque…" Lin Yue spoke while having a guilty conscience, "The jade plaque is in my room."

"Since that's the case, I will dispatch people to retrieve it right now."

It didn't matter where it was as long as the jade plaque was still in their hands. Right now to them, the jade plaque was the only thing that could threaten Yun Xiao.

Lin Yue's expression stiffened. While she was thinking of a method to solve this matter, a bewitching voice unhurriedly sounded, "Are you sure the jade plaque is still in your room?"

Lin Yue knitted her brows and somewhat displeasingly looked toward Yun Luofeng.

Just then, a milky-white small hamster suddenly appeared before her eyes. That small hamster was resting on Yun Luofeng's hands, and it scratched its claws before looking at Lin Yue. The hamster's eyes seemed as if it was taunting her and jeering at her for being an idiot.

"Little beast, so it turns out you're here!" Lin Yue saw Milk Tea who was lying on Yun Luofeng's hands and her expression became malevolent, "It's no wonder, no wonder you all dare to oppose the Xiao Family's orders right now. So it turns out that the small bastard in your hands stole my jade plaque!"

She would still recognize that small hamster even if it turned into ashes! Recalling the moment that this small hamster had stolen the jade plaque, the hatred in her heart intensified, wishing that she could dismember it into pieces.

"What did you just say?" After hearing Lin Yue's words, Xiao Chen grabbed her lapels while the blue veins on his forehead bulged and throbbed. "Did you say that the jade plaque was stolen?"

"That's right," Lin Yue could no longer continue her lies, so she straightforwardly admitted to this matter. "The jade plaque has been stolen!"

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