Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 415: Threaten (2)

Xiao Lin's expression stiffened and he turned his head towards Yun Xiao in disbelief. "Xiao'er, are you bewitched by this woman? To be spouting such words at this point? Don't tell me you've forgotten that your soul jade plaque is still in the hands of the Xiao Family?

After he finished saying that sentence, his tone became gentler once again. "Furthermore, I did not make the two of you break up. Didn't I promise you to let her be your concubine? In this way, wouldn't you get the best of both worlds?"

"Xiao'er," Ling Feng parroted after Xiao Lin, "My Family's Yao'er is kind-hearted and she will not do those things like rivaling for your affection with her. Therefore, you truly have the good fortune to marry Yao'er who is a virtuous woman. With a lovable wife and beautiful concubine, wouldn't it be great?"

Yun Xiao's line of sight gradually turned towards Ling Yao who was rolling on the floor. At this moment, Ling Yao's body spiritual energy was no longer berserk, but her heart was still ruthlessly clutched tight.

To think this trash was the Ghost Emperor?

She was blind in the past to actually abandon such a gifted man! Anyway, everything was still good as the Xiao Family had something to control him, so regardless of anything he had to marry her.

Thinking of this, Ling Yao's petite face reddened and when she looked at the gaze of Yun Xiao looking at her, her face became increasingly scarlet. She then contained her bashfulness and looked at him. "Brother Xiao, I mistook you for a trash in the past but we are going to be husband and wife in the future. I hope you will not remember my previous faults."

Yun Xiao slowly raised his hands...

Looking at his actions, Ling Yao's heart palpitated. Could it be that he wanted to caress her face? Should she loosen the reins to grasp him better or comply with him?

Before Ling Yao had thought of a decision, a sharp spiritual energy emerged from his palms and transformed into a powerful force. With a bang, it had collided on Ling Yao's chest.

"Ah!" Ling Yao shrieked loudly and a piercing voice spread throughout the entire Xiao Family's rear mountain.

"Xiao'er!" Xiao Lin was furious as he angrily shouted, "What are you trying to do?"

Yun Xiao's expression was unfeeling as he emotionlessly said, "She has already become a trash and is unworthy of me."

Didn't you all want me to marry Ling Yao? Then I shall make her into a trash, without being able to hold up her head forever!


Hearing his words, Ling Feng turned pale from fright as he hastily ran to Ling Yao's side. After checking her body's situation, his gaze that was filled with extreme anger glared at Yun Xiao. "B*stard, you actually dare to be ruthless and cripple Yao'er! The Xiao Family must give an account of this matter!"

The reason why he was so angry was not that he felt sorry for Ling Yao. For such a force like the Ling Family, there was no so-called family affection and there was only exploiting! Although Ling Yao's personality was unruly, her innate aptitude was outstanding! However right now, she had been turned into a trash, so how could he not get angry?

"Ling Family Head, please rest assured. I will give you an account regarding this matter." Xiao Lin took a deep breath and took out a jade plaque from his sleeves as he spoke sneeringly, "I've long expected that this b*stard would never follow our orders. Luckily I have prepared sufficiently and I will ask you one thing right now. Are you willing to listen to my orders?"

Yun Xiao callously spoke, "In my entire life, I will only have one woman and she is Yun Luofeng!"

"Presumptuous!" Xiao Lin's face turned furious, "It's a normal thing for men to have three wives and four concubines, and if this woman did not cause so many troubles in the Xiao Family, perhaps I might let you marry her as your wife. Unfortunately, she has angered everyone, and I have been especially kind to let her be your concubine! You're truly unable to differentiate the good from the bad! Even if Ling Yao became a trash now, you must still marry another woman from the Ling Family!"


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