Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 414: Threaten (1)

Lin Yue's words had instead reminded Xiao Lin, and his gaze changed a few times while his tone was no longer cold as before, but instead became gentler. "Xiao'er, previously the Xiao Family had misunderstood you and now I want you to join us. Would you be willing to?"

Hearing Xiao Lin's shameless words, Wei Liancheng released a sarcastic laugh but his heart was filled with worries as he was also aware of the matters of Xiao Family. Everyone born within the Xiao Family would have their soul jade plaque made, and the reason for it was to allow the Xiao Family's head to conveniently control the entire Family. If Yun Xiao's jade plaque was indeed in the Xiao Family's hands, he was afraid that he could only be lead by the nose in the future.

It's a pity, such an outstanding man...

Wei Liancheng shook his head, and his face was full of helplessness. Right now, he could only hope that the little miss's father would come forth as soon as possible, as only his arrival could help Yun Xiao...

Facing Xiao Lin's words, Yun Xiao stayed motionless and his body stood erect under the light breeze. His expression was unfeeling as before, and his black eyes were calm without any fluctuations.

"Xiao'er, as long as you return to the Xiao Family, I will let you replace Xiao Yuqing's position and have you assume the position as the Xiao Family's head." Xiao Lin's face had an amiable smile as he gently spoke.

Xiao Chen who was standing on one side hastily nodded his head. "Indeed, as long as you return to the Xiao Family, you will be my only son and it will also be you who will be the groom for the marriage together with the Ling Family. Whereas for that woman beside you, if you truly like her, I can disregard her faults and allow you to take her in as your concubine."

In Xiao Chen's eyes, it was a common thing for a man to have several concubines. He could see that Yun Xiao liked Yun Luofeng. However for a man, as long as the woman they liked was beside them, what difference was there between a wife and a concubine? After all, the marriage for the Xiao Family could only be with the Ling Family.

No man would reject the opportunity to be able to hold several women.

The Ling Family's head Ling Feng was also tempted. If the Ghost Emperor became his daughter's husband, he was evidently much better than Xiao Yuqing, and he would have ample face if he were to say it out loud! Furthermore, this Ghost Emperor's aptitude was powerful.

How could Xiao Yuqing be compared with him?

Hearing the Xiao father and son words, Lin Yue's heart instantly turned chilly. If the soul jade plaque was still in her hands, then she would definitely be able to deal with Yun Xiao.

Unfortunately, the jade plaque had been stolen by that darned beast!

However, Yun Xiao definitely wasn't aware that the darned b*stard had stolen his jade plaque and she mentioned the soul jade plaque merely to threaten him! Thinking of that, Lin Yue's heart gradually stabilized.


Seeing that Yun Xiao was still expressionless, Xiao Lin took a step forward and his gaze was filled with gentleness.

"It's been hard on you these years. You can rest assured that if you return to the Xiao Family, I will open the Secret Realm in a moment's time to allow you to train inside. Furthermore, I can also honor the words your father said earlier on."

Ling Feng nodded his head in agreement. "Xiao Family's head, the engagement is imminent, we shall let the both of them agree on their marriage today. Oh wait, that's wrong. Their marriage has long existed, so it'll be alright if the words you said earlier on weren't valid."

"Hahaha, then both families will truly be related by marriage in the future."

Both of them were laughing, and their words did not even involve Yun Xiao's opinion.

In Xiao Lin's opinion, Yun Xiao's soul jade plaque was still in their hands, so how could he dare to have an opinion? Wouldn't he only be able to be obedient and listen to them?

Just when they intended to discuss the engagement, the man's unfeeling deep and low voice slowly sounded, "I said, I came to here to exterminate the Xiao Family."

The position of the Head of the Xiao Family? He didn't need it!

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