Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 413: He is the Ghost Emperor (2)

Yun Xiao slowly walked towards Lin Yue and his unfeeling expression contained a sharp glint.


Xiao Yuqing felt anxious in his heart as he hastily stood before Lin Yue and his ice-cold gaze coldly looked at Yun Xiao who was walking over. "It is reasonable to say that I should address you as my brother, but I doubt you'll want me to address you as such so I shall not make the mistake of doing so. However, just now it was Ling Yao who humiliated her and not my Mother. The person you should deal with should be her."

No matter how much he suspected Lin Yue, she was still his Mother and he would not allow anyone to harm her regardless of anything. Furthermore, it was indeed Ling Yao who had humiliated Yun Luofeng earlier on.

His Mother was innocent!

"Scram!" Yun Xiao grimly ordered as he spoke with an unfeeling face.

Xiao Yuqing gaze was still as cold as before. "I will not allow you to harm my mother."

Looking at the figure that was blocking in front of her, a trace of joy flashed past Lin Yue's eyes. "Yuqing, this trash is thinking of harming me. You shall kill him now and let him witness the difference between our Xiao Family's genius and a trash like him."

He was only a trash and her own son could slap him to death with a single palm strike, so exactly what strength he had to be arrogant here?


Yun Xiao's voice was deep and low. As he spoke this word, his palm also stuck out at the same time.


A palm struck on Xiao Yuqing's chest and instantly his pupils shrank while his entire body was like a rocket, slamming into an aged ancient tree with a bang. After that, the ancient tree loudly toppled over and smashed on his body.

Xiao Yuqing spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and his handsome face was completely pale. He wanted to push away the ancient tree that was pressing on him, but it was as if that tree was a huge mountain that he couldn't move.

Everyone's face was motionless, and the most obvious ones were in the Xiao Family group, who had foolish expressions, clearly not knowing what happened...


It was Wei Liancheng who reacted first as he heartily laughed. That laughter of his was overjoyed. "A good trash from the Xiao Family! I truly do not know how you people are so confident, to actually think that Xiao Yuqing was more outstanding than him? Xiao Yuqing couldn't even resist one of his palm strikes! Hahaha, it sure made me overjoyed!"

He was rejoicing in other people's misfortune and he was glad that he had come to the Xiao Family today, otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to see such a great show.

Xiao Lin's and Xiao Chen's expressions revealed a startled look. They would never have expected that this b*stard was no longer a trash! Furthermore, he was more powerful than Xiao Yuqing!

Was he truly the renowned Ghost Emperor?

Toward their understanding of Ghost Emperor, the three big Families of the Spirit Domain definitely knew more compared to Gao Ling and the rest. After all, when the Ghost Emperor became famous, they had also sent forth experts from their families to investigate the situation, but they all never returned! From this, it could be seen that his strength was very powerful to an unknown level!

There were even many sky-level middle-rank cultivators among his subordinates...

One should know that the family head of the Xiao and Ling Families were only of sky-level middle-rank!

Compared to the Xiao Family father and son shock, Lin Yue's expression became twisted as her gaze was filled with malevolence. Yuqing was the most outstanding, and what could that trash be considered? She would never allow anyone in the Spirit Domain to overtake Yuqing, especially this trash!

"Rotten b*stard, do you think you can do whatever you please just because you're the Ghost Emperor? Don't forget, you're also one of the Xiao Family! Your soul jade plaque is in our hands and if we want you to die, you must die!"


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