Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 412: He is the Ghost Emperor (1)

It was rumored that the Ghost Emperor was very secretive and no one had even seen his face or knew his age. They only knew that his way of handling matters was ruthless and merciless!

Numerous people guessed that the Ghost Emperor's appearance must be incomparably ugly, otherwise, he wouldn't have concealed himself with a mask. Unfortunately, what everyone did not anticipate was that the famous Ghost Emperor within the continent was actually the trash of the Xiao Family.

Xiao Lin's expression turned from ashen to white, and from white to green. His aged body was shivering with cold in the light breeze.

He subconsciously forced himself to reject Lin Qiong's words.

How could a trash be related to the Ghost Emperor?

This was definitely impossible!

Without waiting for Xiao Lin to speak, Lin Yue who was standing on one side couldn't help but let a laugh escape. "Father, do you truly believe their words? How could this trash be the Ghost Emperor? He doesn't even have an ounce of strength, so it's even more impossible for him to make a sky-level cultivator submit to him and become his subordinate. I'm guessing they must have some sort of dishonest deal. In any case, I have heard that many men in the secular world are homosexuals and since this trash is quite good looking, he must have used his **** to get this sky-level cultivator to lie for him and make all of you regret."

Her eyes disdainfully swept past Yun Xiao, and her meaningful glance was seemingly telling Yun Xiao that she had long seen through everything.

Lin Qiong was shocked silly. His eyes were wide open while looking at Lin Yue who believed herself to be infallible. He truly did not know where this woman's courage came from, to use such a story and slander his Master. Did her brain get slammed in a door?

Xiao Yuqing did not recover from his previous astonishment when he heard his mother's words again. He flabbergastingly turned his head and a trace of questioning was contained in his cold gaze. He knew that his mother did not like Yun Xiao. Not to mention his mother, even he did not like this man.

However, he had never expected that his own Mother would say such words in a public place with numerous people. This did not tally with her personality in the former days, and a trace of suspicion couldn't help but arise in him.

Lin Yue was clearly angered to the point of madness. She definitely would not allow the Xiao Family to believe in this man's false words, otherwise, she would lose her position in the Xiao Family in the future. This mentality caused her to stand out and speak such self-opinionated words.

"Lin Qiong." Just as Lin Qiong was considering how to torture this woman, a voice that was as sharp as a knife could be heard behind him all of a sudden, "You're too hasty."

This voice caused him to shiver all over and he replied while trembling. "Master…"

The man's deep and low voice had revealed dissatisfaction, causing a layer of cold sweat to emerge on Lin Qiong's back, while his entire body was shaking uncontrollably. Lin Qiong bit his lips and spoke, "Master, give me another chance. I will settle this matter well."


The man's manner of speaking was unquestionable, scaring Lin Qiong to the point that he beat a hasty retreat.

"Ten years ago," Yun Xiao grim gaze fell on Lin Yue's body as he spoke expressionlessly, "you threw me into the Forest of No Return…"

Lin Yue's entire body trembled. "You're talking nonsense!"

She absolutely could not let anyone know of this matter!

However, it was as if Yun Xiao did not hear her words as he continued speaking, "Ten years later, you humiliated my woman."

Although Lin Yue did not jump out to humiliate Yun Luofeng directly, she had used Ling Yao to say what she wanted to say. Just based on this point, Yun Xiao would never forgive her!

"Regardless of how you humiliate me, I can ignore you. However, I will never allow anyone to bully her!"


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