Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 411: Secret Realm (10)

Shortly after, a ridiculing voice suddenly sounded and entered everyone's ears, "With someone like you, there's no need for my master to personally take action, lest you dirty my master's hands."

Lin Qiong met Xiao Ling's fist with his palm and caused the other party's body to retreat a few steps before his handsome face revealed a hint of a smile. He had been released by his Master from that place with great difficulty and he must definitely perform well, so as to not make his Master disappointed no matter what.

"Who are you?"

Xiao Lin's expression suddenly turned solemn, and he retreated a few steps back while he stared at Lin Qiong who was standing before him.

"I will tell you my real name and surname," Lin Qiong arrogantly raised his head and look towards Xiao Lin with disdain. "I am my master's most competent subordinate, Lin Qiong."

Lin Qiong?

Yun Luofeng slightly raised her eyebrows as her black eyes turned towards Yun Xiao. "He's the Lin Qiong who gave you that Chungong Tu?"

Lin Qiong originally had a proud look, but after hearing Yun Luofeng's words his facial expression instantly stiffened. Wasn't it just because he had given his master a Chungong Tu, which resulted in being punished in a fit of anger? He didn't expect that his master's woman still remembered that incident...

Thinking of that, Lin Qiong looked at Yun Luofeng with a guilty conscience, afraid that this young lady would find him to settle the debts for the matter at that time.

"Um." Yun Xiao nodded his head and answered Yun Luofeng's questioning.

Having heard what was said, Yun Luofeng had a smile on her face as her eyes that seemed to be smiling yet not smiling gradually fell on Lin Qiong's body.

"That Chungong Tu you gave him before was pretty good."

What Yun Luofeng said was the truth as it was precisely that Chungong Tu that allowed Yun Xiao to understand things that quickly. But when her words fell on Lin Qiong's ears, it sounded like Yun Luofeng was blaming him for the previous matters.

Instantly, Lin Qiong wanted to cry but no tears came out. "My master's woman, I didn't do it on purpose and Master has already punished me for that. If you are still unable to forgive me, I will let you scold me as much as you please."

Yun Luofeng tugged the corner of her lips. "Then I'll have to see your current performance."

See his current performance?

Lin Qiong's eyes brightened, and he shot a chilly glance towards Xiao Lin, and his handsome face had a merciless smile. Did the master's woman mean that, as long as he performed well here, she would forget his previous actions?

At this very moment on the Xiao Family's rear mountain, there was total silence.

Everyone's gaze was gathered on Lin Qiong's and Yun Xiao as each one tried to guess the relationship between them. They were still unable to think of them as master and subordinate. After all, in the eyes of the masses, Yun Xiao was a trash! So how could he have such a powerful subordinate? Even though this subordinate had addressed him as his master, they were still telling themselves that they had heard him wrong!

Especially Xiao Lin, as his old aged face became ashen while he glared at Lin Qiong with a death stare. "You're saying this trash is your master?"

His words had asked the question that was in everyone's heart because everyone saw that this person named Lin Qiong came here by treading on air. Only a sky-level cultivator had the ability to walk on air! Although the Xiao family also had tens of sky-level cultivators, Yun Xiao was only a trash, so what right did he have to order a sky-level cultivator to work for him?

"What trash? You actually dare to say my master is a trash?" Lin Qiong's eyes opened wide, "If my master is a trash, why would the masses call him the Ghost Emperor? With your level, you dare to humiliate my master?"


It was as if lightning struck during clear weather and struck everyone, making everyone at the scene dumbfounded.

Ghost Emperor?

He was that Ghost Emperor who emerged suddenly within these last few years?

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