Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 410: Secret Realm (9)


Xiao Lin hit Xiao Chen's face with a swing of his hand as he shouted in anger with his ashen face, "Have you forgotten what I told you earlier?"

Covering his inflamed cheek, Xiao Chen's eyes were filled with hatred.

He had indeed forgotten that he couldn't offend this trash before the Secret Realm was opened! It was fine if Ling Yao and Lin Yue were taunting them with their words, but he had actually wanted to injure them! If by any chance Yun Xiao did not want to help them open the Secret Realm, Yuqing would also be unable to raise his strength.

Thinking of that, Xiao Chen took a deep breath as he suppressed his internal overflowing rage and spoke with a low voice, "I understand…"

Xiao Lin coldly snorted as he turned to look at Yun Xiao while speaking faintly. "It's about time. You shall go to one side with the other Xiao Family's disciples to let out your blood, and use your fresh blood to open the Secret Realm."

Yun Xiao stood without moving and his face was expressionless as always.

Xiao Lin's expression was somewhat displeased. "You can be at ease. It only requires a few drops of your blood and it will not harm your body. As a disciple of the Xiao family, it's fine if your strength is trash, but unexpectedly you don't even have any courage and are scared by just a few drops of blood."

Lin Ruobai, who was standing on one side, couldn't help it and rolled her eyes. How did that old man think that my master's man was scared? Instead, he clearly wasn't willing to help them.

Seeing that Yun Xiao was still standing without moving, a gush of rage surged from Xiao Lin's chest. "I have satisfied you these days with everything, what else do you want? If it weren't to let you open the Secret Realm, the Xiao Family would never ask you back!"

Yun Xiao coldly looked at Xiao Lin. "I did not return to the Xiao Family to help Xiao Yuqing."

"Then why did you come back?"

"To… exterminate this Family."

Yun Luofeng had promised him that after setting the matters of Xiao Family, she would undress her robes and let him look. Therefore, in order to strip her naked, he had chosen to return.

"What did you say?" Xiao Lin's eyes shot out a ray of fury, "If you have the nerve, repeat what you just said."

Exterminate the Family?

To think this trash had said such words!

Yun Xiao obediently repeated his words, "Exterminate the Family."


A tyrannical aura burst forth from Xiao Lin's body. He didn't expect this rotten b*stard to have the guts to really repeat those words.


Very Good!

It seems like he had indulged him too much during this period of time, resulting in him being undisciplined and out of control.

"A trash like you also dares to say you want to exterminate the Xiao Family? Who gave you such guts? Is it this woman standing beside you?" Xiao Lin coldly snorted and shot a sideways glance at Yun Luofeng. "This woman's aptitude is indeed good, but unfortunately, she is only an earth-level cultivator and she is not sufficiently strong for me to fear her. If it weren't so that you would obediently assist in the opening of the Secret Realm, I would never have allowed her to do whatever she pleased in the Xiao Family!"

Yun Xiao's face was expressionless, and his black pupils completely lacked any fluctuation. It was just as if it wasn't him who said to exterminate the family.

"Originally, I wanted to wait for the Secret Realm to open before exterminating the Family, but you've humiliated her."

His words implied that, because these people had humiliated Yun Luofeng, he could not continue waiting even for a moment!

"Rotten b*stard, I shall exterminate you right now!"

Xiao Lin was angered to the point that he lost his mind and he charged toward Yun Xiao in a flash. His eyes contained fury and killing intent.

However, just as Xiao Lin charged towards Yun Xiao, a green figure came forth from empty air, meeting with Xiao Lin's attack.

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