Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 408: Secret Realm (7)

Facing these people's mocking remarks, Wei Liancheng merely snorted. Perhaps others did not notice, but he had seen Yun Xiao's aura becoming sharp at that moment. He did not even need to think to know that Ling Yao's spiritual energy going berserk was caused by Yun Xiao.

It seems like this trash of Xiao family isn't that simple! It's laughable that no one from the Xiao Family noticed this, to erroneously treat such a treasure like dirt.

"Wei Liancheng, I invited you here to allow you to witness this precious moment of our Xiao Family. Unexpectedly, you took action against my Xiao Family's daughter-in-law! Don't tell me you have nothing to say?" Xiao Lin became increasingly furious, and his expression was like a sharp sword, shooting towards Wei Liancheng.

Wei Liancheng laughed grimly, "I only want to say this, you Xiao Family are all blind! There's someone more outstanding than Xiao Yuqing but you've never taken notice."

Yun Xiao could take action against Ling Yao before the eyes of everyone without being noticed, so one could assume that he was extremely powerful! If it weren't that his perception was more sensitive than others so that he sensed the changes in the aura on that man, perhaps he would never imagine that the trash that was chased out by Xiao Family would have concealed himself that deeply.

"Head of the Wei Family, what do you mean?" Lin Yue knitted her eyebrow and spoke while being displeased, "What do you mean by someone more outstanding than my Yuqing? Within this entire Spirit Doman, no one can be compared to my Yuqing."

Wei Liancheng coldly swept a glance at Lin Yue. "Are you sure no one can be compared to Xiao Yuqing? Let's not talk about the genius your Xiao Family has missed because you were blind. Instead, what about that Spirit God Mountain Lord's daughter? She is a genius that is hard to come by."

"Keke," Lin Yue laughed in a mocking manner, "Since you've already said she's a daughter, it's impossible for her to inherit the family, so what's the use even if she is a genius? Unlike my Yuqing, not only is his aptitude outstanding, he can also carry on our ancestral line. So who can be better than him?"

Although the Spirit God Mountain was mysterious yet powerful, they had all heard that the lord only had a daughter and not a son! Didn't that equate to him not being able to pass down his ancestral line? Regardless of how much of a genius that young lady was, she was ultimately going to become another family's daughter-in-law.

Lin Yue did not notice at all that when she was saying this, Lin Ruobai was fuming with rage and her entire body trembled endlessly. "So what if I'm a daughter? My dad only has me as a daughter. Why can't daughters carry on the family line? We women aren't worse than men!"

At this very moment, the berserk spiritual energy within Ling Yao had yet to stop and she rolled about on the floor in pain, but no one had paid any attention to her, including her grandfather. His whole head was filled with thinking of ways to use this matter to force Wei Liancheng to give up his position.

Yun Xiao stood at one side as a spectator, without feeling any pity for her. For him, he only needed to feel tender for Yun Luofeng alone, and he didn't really care if others were to die horribly.

"Little girl, you are too insensible. Even if your father pampers you, you are still a daughter and will give birth to a kid for another family sooner or later. How would he be willing to gift someone else his enormous family property? Therefore, your father would rather gift his entire fortune to a nephew by the male line rather than to an outsider like you."

In Lin Yue's heart, a daughter was an outsider as they were unable to pass on the ancestral line! Even the nephew would be closer to them because he would follow their surname. Luckily, she, Lin Yue had given birth to a son, so she did not have such concerns.

Wei Liancheng shook his head once again. If it was someone who was more intelligent, they would definitely link her and the Spirit God Mountain after hearing her words.


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