Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 407: Secret Realm (6)

Everyone was stunned, and they were full of contempt as they looked at Yun Luofeng.

Unexpectedly, this woman looked decent but not only did she seduce the Xiao Family's expelled young master, she had even enticed Young Master Yuqing after that! Such a promiscuous woman should be arrested and thrown into a pigpen!

Yun Xiao's unfeeling gaze gradually shifted away from Yun Luofeng and slowly turned to Lin Yue. On his body, a killing intent abruptly surged forth and his face was expressionless. His gaze was so cold it was as if he was a killing god.

Such a man would become an existence that everyone would focus their attention on regards of where he was. Unfortunately, he was only a trash.

"Why?" Ling Yao noticed Yun Xiao's line of sight as she laughed sneeringly while ridiculing him, "Don't tell me what Aunt said is wrong? Don't tell me you still want to hit Aunt? For the Xiao Family to be willing to let a trash like you return to the family, you should be grateful. I don't believe you have the courage to take action against the Xiao Family."

What was there to fear from a measly trash?

"Those who disgrace her, die!" Yun Xiao thin lips opened and his emotionless face was filled with a stern killing intent.

Ling Yao laughed out loud, and the smile of hers contained contempt and sarcasm. "Hahaha, Yun Xiao, you say you want me to die? But then again, we have to see if a trash like you has the strength to do so. In the Xiao Family, Xiao Yuqing is the number one genius and you are totally incomparable to him!"

She had held her head up high with pride from the start, totally not putting the man and woman pair before her in her eyes.

Wei Liancheng helplessly shook his head and simply closed his mouth without saying anything else. After all, the Xiao and Ling Families were simply asking for it, and he only had to observe the show from the sidelines.

"Yun Luofeng, let me tell you. The poison you inflicted me with doesn't matter anymore. Aunt has sought the Godly Physician Tian Ya for me, and when he treats me, you will no longer be able to threaten me!"

Looking at Ling Yao's proud expression, Yun Luofeng finally understood why she had the courage to rush out today. So it turns out that she had fallen into Lin Yue's evil scheme. Her pitch-black eyes like the stars turned to Lin Yue, and her expression showed that she had already seen through Lin Yue's conduct and deeds...


Just as Ling Yao said that, a muffled sound could be heard within her body and after that, her body suddenly flew out and she sprayed a mouthful of fresh blood. Her small delicate face was incomparably pale.

"Who? Who secretly harmed me?" Ling Yao gnashed her teeth and a trace of fear appeared on her pale face. Soon after, the spiritual energy in her body became frantic and was incessantly colliding in her body.

"Those who disgrace her, die!"

All of a sudden, Ling Yao recalled that man's unfeeling voice and her body immediately started trembling.

Impossible, it cannot be him!

That b*stard is only a trash, so how could he control her body's spiritual energy? There must be someone hidden in the dark who is helping them! Ling Yao turned her head towards Wei Liangcheng and angrily shouted, "Wei Liancheng! You actually dare to harm me!"

It must be him!

Other than this old man, no one had such strength!

"Wei Liancheng, you actually dare to harm someone from a younger generation? Do you not want your old face anymore?"

Xiao Lin had long found Wei Liancheng irritating, and now that he had found something with great difficulty that he could use against him, how could he not exploit it? His expression was cold and solemn as he stared at Wei Liancheng.

Seeing her own granddaughter getting hurt, Ling Feng involuntarily creased his eyebrows. "Wei Liangcheng, you actually took action against a younger generation, so how can you hold the position of the head of the three big Families? I have long known that you were shameless, but I didn't expect you will be shameless to this extent."


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