Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 406: Secret Realm (5)

In Ling Yao's opinion, even if Yun Luofeng's personal strength was powerful, she was only the daughter of a small aristocrat in Longyuan, so how could she be compared to her, a princess of the Ling Family? It was impossible for Yun Xiao to disregard her with such good qualifications and choose a woman who had lowly status.

That's right.

In Ling Yao's heart, even if Yun Luofeng was a lady of the Longyuan General's Estate, she still couldn't escape from the word 'lowly'.

Yun Xiao's expression finally had a slight change as his unfeeling gaze slowly turned to Ling Yao and he spoke a single word, "Scram!"

Ling Yao was stunned. This trash actually dared to tell her to scram? How did he have the nerve to say that?

"What did you say?" Ling Yao's expression was ashen. "If you have the guts, say it again!"

"Hehehe!" Lin Ruobai could no longer restrain herself and chuckled. She blinked her huge bright eyes and happily looked at Ling Yao. "Auntie, is there a problem with your brain? My master's man asked you to scram, didn't you hear that? A woman with such an ugly appearance like you, my master's man isn't ugly to the extent that he would fancy you."

Xiao Bai's words angered Ling Yao to the point that she was trembling all over. This darned girl was only younger than her by a few years, yet she dared to call her an auntie? Furthermore, she had insulted her as being incomparably ugly?

With her looks, she had caused an uncountable number of young and talented young masters in the Spirit Domain to fall for her, but Lin Ruobai actually said she was ugly?

"Rotten girl, do you even have any manners?" Ling Yao angrily stared at Lin Ruobai's innocent face. She wished she could tear her face that was as cute as an apple into pieces. "A talented person chooses a patron of integrity, may I know if you've heard of this? Even if this woman has a good aptitude, her status is ultimately lowly, so what man would abandon me to choose her?"

Among the Wei Family's troops, after Wei Liancheng heard these words, he involuntarily furrowed his eyebrows. This darn girl of Ling Family sure has a problem with her brain, to actually say this little devil's master has a lowly status. If her identity was lowly, then what about the Spirit God Mountain?

Thinking of that, Wei Liancheng wanted to speak up and lecture her. But who knew before he even spoke, he had been disrupted by Lin Yue's tender voice.

"Yao'er, you shouldn't speak like that. Even if her status is lowly, we cannot disrespect her as such."

Wei Liancheng's eyebrows became increasingly tight. Although Lin Yue's words were for Ling Yao to respect Yun Luofeng, the word lowly had been enunciated by her slowly, and anyone could understand the meaning of her words.

"Aunt," Ling Yao pouted her lips in dissatisfaction, "Have you forgotten how this slut treated you? To think that you're still speaking up for her now! A few days ago, she had relied on the fact that we still have a use for this trash and did not hesitate to blackmail us. Not only that, she also beat you up! Yet, you are still speaking up for her right now. A person like her will never appreciate your kindness!"

Ling Yao's voice caused everyone's gaze to gather on Lin Yue.

Only now did they notice that there were some scars on Lin Yue's face. The inflammation on her chin had yet to subside and she no longer had her previous beauty. Lin Yue saw that Ling Yao's words had caused the masses to pay attention to her disgraceful face and she immediately furrowed her brows while fiercely scolding her as a blockhead in her heart. However, regardless of how angry she was inside, she did not let it show on her face as she still continued to look at Ling Yao with a smiling expression.

"We should requite evil with good and shouldn't be so unreasonable. Yao'er, I know that you hate this woman because previously she had tried to seduce Yuqing. But our Yuqing is so firm, so how could he be seduced by her? You can completely rest assured regarding this."


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