Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 405: Secret Realm (4)

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, and looks of doubt were contained in their expression.

Just when they were guessing what Xiao Lin was about to announce, the old man's aged voice once again sounded, "As we all know, the Xiao Family and the Ling Famly had fixed an engagement several years ago. However, we didn't expect Xiao'er to be a trash, and I did not want to implicate Ling Yao, so we decided to dissolve their engagement while matching her to Yuqing instead. As such, I would ask everyone here to be the witnesses."

Lin Ruobai quietly stood beside Yun Luofeng. After hearing Xiao Lin's words, her adorable bright eyes revealed a trace of disdain.

This old man actually called her master's man as a trash! If he was a trash, would there still be geniuses in this world?

Although Lin Ruobai did not know Yun Xiao's strength, she believed Yun Luofeng without any doubt! How could a man that Yun Luofeng had taken a fancy to be inferior? These people, who were unaware of anything, absurdly accepted what was said.

A dense look of ridicule emerged from Lin Yue's eyes as she looked at Ling Yao beside her who had joy on her face. Her look gradually became gentler and she said, "Yao'er, do you still remember the words I told you last night?"

Ling Yao nodded her head forcefully. "Aunt, can you truly find a physician to cure the poison?"

Obviously, this was… a lie!

She didn't even know what poison Ling Yao was afflicted with, so how could she cure her poison? Furthermore, the Ling Family had searched for numerous physicians without any results, so where could she go and find a Godly Physician?

Although she was thinking this internally, Lin Yue still replied with a beaming smile, "Of course this is true. Have you heard of the Godly Physician, Tian Ya? He is the most outstanding Godly Physician on this entire continent, and he intends to help treat your illness. Therefore, you no longer have to dread Yun Luofeng. With the Xiao Family supporting you, why do you still need to be afraid of her?"

This silly girl is stupid and she is easy to dupe. So, regardless of what I say, she will believe it!

For a person like the Godly Physician Tian Ya, how could he be someone she could invite? However, in any case, it was sufficient as long as Ling Yao believed her words.

"Aunt, I understand," Ling Yao was moved emotionally in her heart. "Yun Luofeng, that slut, did such a thing to me. I will never let her off!"

Lin Yue curved up the corner of her lips and a hint of a sinister smile was shown on her face. "You can say what you want to say and do what you want to do as much as you like. As long as you can humiliate them today, I will immediately request for the Godly Physician Tian Ya to treat your poison."

As the madam of the Xiao Family, she had to maintain her face when dealing with outsiders and could not humiliate others with her words. As such, she had then schemed for Ling Yao to listen to her, so that not only would she not lose face, she could still have the things said that she wanted to say in her heart.

As expected, after hearing Lin Yue's words, the fear in Ling Yao's heart completely disappeared as she raised her head and stuck out her chest while walking towards Yun Xiao. Her delicate face was filled with pride.

"Yun Xiao, so what if you won't hand over our token of betrothal? I am still going to break off our engagement and let me tell you, only Brother Yuqing is worth of me! Who do you think you are? Even if I, Ling Yao was blind, I would not take a liking to a man like you."

She originally thought that the trash would definitely be unable to maintain his emotionless expression and would try to catch her attention after knowing that she was getting engaged to Xiao Yuqing. However, who would have expected that even now, Yun Xiao did not even look at her as all along his gaze was fixed on the gorgeous young lady beside him?

Ling Yao was thoroughly angered. She pointed towards Yun Luofeng and spoke while gnashing her teeth in anger, "Don't assume that I'm unaware. This woman was brought here by you deliberately, and your motive is to put on a show so that I would pay attention to you! It's a pity, you have underestimated me because regardless of anything, I will never like you!"


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