Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 404: Secret Realm (3)

"Is this the soul jade plaque?"

Within the elegant room, the curtains slowly danced. Yun Luofeng took a dark brown jade plaque from Milk Tea's hands as the corner of her lips lightly perked up and she turned towards the unfeeling man beside her.

"Yun Xiao, take a look to see if this jade plaque is genuine."

Yun Xiao took the jade plaque in Yun Luofeng's hands and carefully examined it before placing it into the young lady's hands. "It's genuine."

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows and spoke. "Speaking of that, Xiao Chen did not use a random jade to fool Lin Yue. Anyway, their actions have instead made it convenient for us. Yun Xiao, since we have the jade plaque in our hands, you better keep it safe."

Looking at the jade plaque Yun Luofeng passed to him, Yun Xiao did not accept it. He narrowed his black eyes and his gaze stared deeply at the young lady's bewitching face.

"This jade… I'll gift it to you."

Yun Luofeng looked distracted for a moment and was a bit perplexed. "This soul jade plaque represents your life. I'm afraid that it's somewhat inappropriate for you to gift it to me like this."

Having heard what was said, Yun Xiao's expression became increasingly serious. "I shall leave the jade plaque… and my life in your hands."

I'll gift you the jade plaque... and my life!

The man's voice contained sincerity, causing Yun Luofeng's hands to unexpectedly tremble. She looked at the man's emotionless handsome face and ultimately kept the jade plaque.

"Alright, then I shall safeguard this jade plaque in your stead. As long as I am alive, I will not allow it to be harmed in the slightest."

Seeing Yun Luofeng keeping the jade plaque, the corner of his lips slightly curved up at an extremely slow speed and a smile that no one noticed emerged.

"In the future, if I'm not beside you, it shall represent me accompanying you."

After speaking, Yun Xiao slowly came closer and his two strong arms tightly embraced the gorgeous young lady before him. At this moment, he could even smell a faint sweet scent coming from her. This sweet scent caused him to feel satisfied. In this lifetime, as long as he could have her, he would not have any regrets.

"Yun Xiao, when do you intend to take action against the Xiao Family?" Yun Luofeng seemed to have recalled something as she asked.

Yun Xiao was startled and he tightly furrowed his eyebrows. "The day when Xiao Yuqing opens the Secret Realm! Reason being, I'm interested in the Secret Realm…"


Yun Luofeng raised the corner of her lips. "When the day comes, I will let those people from the Xiao Family regret their actions towards you!"

Letting them live in extreme regret for their entire lifetime, unable to escape from it and this would be her punishment towards the Xiao Family!


The Xiao Family opening the Secret Realm was the most important event within the family in this century. Thus, on this day, all three leading families of Sifang City were all gathered at the Xiao residence.

However, Xiao Lin and the Ling Family's head Ling Feng seemed to have made a prior arrangement as they did not pay attention to Wei Liancheng, seemingly not even noticing his existence. Wei Liancheng did not take it to heart as his beaming expression was looking at the cute little girl standing beside Yun Luofeng. Only after seeing that she was safe and sound did he relax.

A few days had passed!

A few days had passed since he sent the information to that person on the Spirit God Mountains about his own daughter getting bullied here. He reckoned that he would be rushing to Sifang City soon...

Concerning that man who loved his daughter as much as his life, he would feel distressed about his daughter losing a strand of hair, let alone being humiliated as such by others.

"Cough cough!" Looking at everyone present, Xiao Lin dryly coughed twice and cleared his throat before speaking. "Presumably everyone knows that the Xiao family is going to hold an important affair today! Furthermore, before this matter, I have something to inform everyone."


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