Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 403: Secret Realm (2)

The Lin Yue right now no longer had her previous beauty. Coupled with her current malevolent expression, disgust involuntarily rose within Xiao Chen's heart.

Who asked her to be Xiao Yuqing's mother? For Yuqing, he must act like he loved her.

"I've brought the item you want, but I have other matters to attend to right now. You should take a good rest." Xiao Chen's gaze was filled with warmth and his voice was as gentle as before.

Lin Yue toyed with the jade plaque in her hands and spoke excitedly without even sparing a glance at Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen shook his head and took a last glance at Lin Yue before he turned to leave the room. His swift and fierce figure rapidly disappeared into the night.

"Jade plaque, I've finally obtained you," Lin Yue took a deep breath as her beautiful eyes contained a trace of viciousness. "From now on, I shall see how that trash continues his act of being callous before me. Furthermore, you dared to snatch my son's woman! You should at least reflect on yourself. Based on your strength, how are you even deserving of the Ling Family's daughter?"


When Lin Yue was playing with the jade plaque, a white silhouette leaped from the side all of a sudden. After that, the jade plaque in her hands disappeared.

Lin Yue looked at her empty palms and stared for a moment before her gaze hastily swept towards the outside. As a result, she spotted a fat white hamster dragging along a jade plaque bigger than itself while strenuously running away.

Instantly, Lin Yue recovered her senses as she agitatedly shouted, "You little b*stard actually dared to come to my Xiao Family to steal things. You're looking for death!" After saying that, Lin Yue angrily stood up and released a palm strike toward the small hamster on the ground.

With a bang sound, the entire floor vibrated under her palm strike, with dust flying everywhere. She originally thought that her palm strike would smash Milk Tea into a meat patty, but after she retracted her hand, she instead found a tunnel entrance that was the size of the jade plaque...

And that little hamster that stole the plaque had long since escaped into the tunnel.


Lin Yue was thoroughly mad and her disheveled hair came loose, while she angrily shouted like an insane woman. That damned gold-seeking hamster! If she found it, she would definitely dismember it in pieces!

"What happened?"

Xiao Chen, who originally left, had turned back after hearing Lin Yue's scream and he hastily pushed the door open. He saw Lin Yue with her disheveled hair with a glance and he furrowed his eyebrows in dissatisfaction.

Lin Yue's heart gradually calmed down and she used her normal tone to reply, "A gold-seeking hamster snatched my jade ring earlier. I originally wanted to smash it to death, but it dug a hole and escaped."

Regardless of anything, she couldn't let Xiao Chen know the jade plaque had been stolen. Thus, she chose to lie.

"Gold-seeking hamster?" Xiao Chen furrowed his brows, "How could there be a low-grade spirit beast like a gold-seeking hamster in the Xiao Family? Do you remember what color is it? I will send people to search for its traces in a moment."

"Alright," Lin Yue slightly nodded her head. "That gold-seeking hamster's entire body is white in color, and it looks plump. Its burrowing speed is very fast. Husband, you must catch that damned b*stard!"

When she spoke that, Lin Yue was gnashing her teeth in anger. One could imagine how huge of an injury Milk Tea had caused her. In order to kill that trash, she had been thinking about the jade plaque for so long, but who knew it would be stolen the moment it fell into her hands? How could she not hate Milk Tea?"

As long as she caught that small b*stard, if she did not dismember its body into a hundred pieces, it would be hard to extinguish the fury in her heart.


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