Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 402: Secret Realm (1)

"Husband." Lin Yue's expression turned gentler after hearing Xiao Chen's words as she placed her swollen pig-like face into the man's embrace and spoke gently, "Then I shall wait for your good news here."

Seeing Lin Yue's swollen pig-like face, Xiao Chen felt like gagging. But when he recalled the words Xiao Lin said to him previously, he concealed his revulsion and a trace of pampering was revealed in his eyes.

"Yue'er, I'll bring his jade plague to you very soon. You only have to wait here quietly."

After he finished speaking, Xiao Chen tightly embraced Lin Yue's body and a helpless smile curved up on the corner of his lips. While they were talking, they did not notice in the slightest that there was a white hamster rapidly squeezing out through the gap under a door in a dim corner and disappearing into the bright sunlight.


East Courtyard.

In the cozy bedroom, Yun Luofeng slowly opened her eyes as she looked at Milk Tea who dashed in from outside and she asked, "How was it? Did you manage to hear something?"

Milk Tea leaped onto Yun Luofeng's thigh as he squeaked while dancing and gesticulating for joy.

"Xiao Mo, can you understand what he is saying?" Yun Luofeng furrowed her brows and asked.

After a long time, Xiao Mo's soft voice could be heard from inside her soul, "Master, Milk Tea said that he heard a piece of news in Xiao Chen and Lin Yue's room. He said that Yun Xiao's jade plaque is held by Xiao Lin, but Lin Yue talked to Xiao Chen and convinced him to steal Yun Xiao's plaque for her."

Yun Luofeng stared blankly for a moment and a bit of a smile appeared on her gorgeous face.

"I had guessed that after Lin Yue suffered such a humiliation that she certainly wouldn't swallow it that easily. Therefore, I sent Milk Tea to check on the situation. I didn't expect I would receive such a huge surprise!"

If the jade plaque was in Xiao Lin's hands, it would be difficult for her to find out the plaque's whereabouts. After all, who knew where he had hidden it? What Yun Luofeng did not expect was that Lin Yue actually wanted Yun Xiao's jade plaque. In this way, it was sufficient for her to just pay attention to Lin Yue!

"Milk Tea, you shall continue to monitor the situation, and if there are any updates, come and inform me."

Milk Tea lively called out, "Chi Chi," as his tiny body swiftly dashed outside and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Yun Luofeng fixed her gaze at Milk Tea's disappearing figure and the smile on her face contained a devilish aura. "Right now, I only have to wait here quietly for the news! After obtaining the jade plaque, it will be the time to take action against the Xiao Family!"



The moonlight was like water, pouring into the room.

Xiao Chen's figure sneakily entered from the door. After probing that no one was following him, he released a sigh of relief and walked towards Lin Yue who was lying on the bed while resting with her eyes closed.

"I've brought the jade plaque for you."

He carefully took out a jade plaque from his robe and place it before Lin Yue. "You must definitely safeguard this plaque well. At least before Yuqing has assumed the position of the family's head, you can never let anyone know. If this were to be found out by my father, both of us will be punished."

Once Xiao Yuqing became the Family head, he would then have the final say within the entire the Xiao Family! As such, why would they need to fear that old fart?

Lin Yue took the jade plaque in surprise and a malevolent smile appeared on her face. "I reckon that trash wouldn't have thought there would be such a day when his life would be controlled by me! In the future, if I want him to live, he can live. If I want him to die, he can only die!"

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