Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 401: Whereabouts of the Jade Plaque


At this moment, in a luxurious room, Xiao Chen was looking at the coquettish woman lying on the bed. He slowly came to her with a guilty look, and gently stroked her soft hair, a resentful look hidden in his lowered eyes. "Don't worry. I will avenge you!"

Lin Yue sneered and turned her face to the wall. Apparently, she had not forgiven Xiao Chen for what he did to her just now.

"Yue'er," Seeing Lin Yue's attitude toward him, Xiao Chen's resentment toward Yun Xiao and Yun Luofeng grew stronger. He took a deep breath and said, "Father said he would let Yuqing enter the Secret Realm in advance. After that, you can do whatever you want to those people!"

Lin Yue shivered, a resentful look flickering through her eyes, her beautiful face ferocious. She turned around and asked Xiao Chen, "Did you say Yuqing can enter the Secret Realm ahead of time?"

Xiao Chen gently nodded. "This is Father's decision, and he has also decided that no matter whether that trash will hand in the engagement token or not, the engagement between him and Ling Yao will be canceled anyway!"

"Then ask Yuqing marry the girl of the Ling Family as soon as possible," Lin Yue said with a sneer, "in case some other woman covets him."

She still thought that Yun Luofeng would not love a trash like Yun Xiao but would only fall in love with Xiao Yuqing. She had never considered, however, that if Yun Luofeng was really in love with Xiao Yuqing, how could she beat her so hard?

"Yue'er, will you forgive me for my previous behavior?" Xiao Chen gazed at Lin Yue whose body was covered with bruises, his eyes soft and pitiful. He couldn't imagine how hard Yun Luofeng beat her to make her look so miserable.

Lin Yue's eyes darkened, "Xiao Chen, I have served as your wife for so many years, and I gave birth to such an excellent son for you, but you chose to give up on me at the critical moment! Do you know how disappointed I was?"

"Yue'er, at that time, for our son, I could only make that choice, for we still need to use that trash. When he becomes useless to us, we can kill him!" For the last few words, Xiao Chen gnashed his teeth, as if Yun Xiao was not his own son but a mortal enemy of his.

Hearing his words, Lin Yue rolled her eyes, and she said suggestively, "Xiao Chen, it is said that every time the Xiao Family has a newborn baby, they will take out a piece of the baby's soul and put it into a jade plaque, so as to control all their descendants."

"Yue'er, you mean..."

"I want the jade plaque of that trash!" Li Yue raised the corners of her lips and showed a cruel smile. "If you want me to forgive you for what you did, just bring me the jade plaque of that trash. Otherwise, I won't forgive you."

Xiao Chen quieted down, frowning. All the jade plaques of the Xiao Family were in the hands of his father, and his father was busy preparing for the matter of Yuqing and probably had no time to mind these trivialities. Besides, even if he was free, he would not necessarily give these jade plaques to Lin Yue.

However, looking at Lin Yue's angry eyes, Xiao Chen grit his teeth and finally made up his mind. "Okay! I know where the jade plaques are kept. I'll steal it for you later, but I need to make a fake one first to replace the one I take away." If he didn't do that, his father would be enraged when he found out what he did.


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