Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 399: Xiao Lin 's Scheme (4)

"Yes, Master."

No matter what was going on in her mind, Lin Ruobai didn't dare show it, because she once again felt the icy air released by Yun Xiao that was urging her to leave. If she had stayed here for a little while longer, she believed the man would definitely throw her out! So, Lin Ruobai made a wise choice and left as soon as she could.

Under the maple tree, the callous man stared at the receding figure of Lin Ruobai and said in a low voice, "She's dangerous."


Yun Luofeng was stunned. She had never associated this word with Lin Ruobai. After she heard Yun Xiao's words, her face turned serious. "Do you need to tell me something, Yun Xiao?"

"I feel that there is a powerful force in her veins that is not the one you've sealed, but a very dangerous thing."

Yun Luofeng had told Yun Xiao about Lin Ruobai's story, so he knew that she had helped the girl to seal a force in her body! When they were in that restaurant, Yun Xiao put all his attention on Yun Luofeng and ignored all other people. He hadn't noticed the special thing about Lin Ruobai until now.

Yun Luofeng turned to Yun Xiao and asked, "What do you mean by 'dangerous', Yun Xiao?"

Yun Xiao kept silent for a while and then replied, "The force hidden in her veins is very powerful. If she can control it well, she will be your right-hand woman, but if she is unable to control it, she will end up being a bloodthirsty devil!"

Hearing his words, Yun Luofeng laughed. Her smile was so beautiful that men would be willing to die for such a smile. "I have confidence in Xiao Bai."

Yun Xiao's eyes fell on Yun Luofeng. "But, I don't allow any danger to be around you." Even though Yun Luofeng believed in Xiao Bai, he did not want her to be hurt even a little bit.

"Yun Xiao, Xiao Bai is only 13 years old. She is still young, and I have plenty of time to train her." Yun Luofeng looked up and stared at the cold man. "I know you don't believe in Xiao Bai, but you have to believe in my strength!"

She knew that Yun Xiao said those words for he was concerned about her safety, but she had a lot of faith in Xiao Bai.

Yun Xiao pondered, and after quite a while, his dark eyes turned again to Yun Luofeng, his face quite serious. "Okay! For your sake, I'll give her a chance!"

He would give her a chance, just because of Yun Luofeng! But if Lin Ruobai really hurt Yun Luofeng, he would never let her go!

Yun Luofeng gently smiled, slowly turned her eyes to the sky nearby and lowered her long eyelashes. When Yun Xiao wasn't paying attention, she initiated soul communication. "Xiao Mo, did you already know about this?"

Xiao Mo's voice sounded a little guilty, "I told you, she is special. But if you take her as your disciple, it will be good for you in the future."

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows, a faint smile on her face, "But you didn't tell me that she might not be able to control her power and become a devil."

"Well... " Xiao Mo answered carefully, "It all depends. If she is able to control her power, she will be of great use to you."

"Then tell me, what are the odds that she will be able to control her power?"

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