Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 396: Xiao Lin's Scheme (1)

If the Spirit Domain was a small world, the people of the Spirit God Mountain were gods of the world who enjoyed a high status in the Spirit Domain! Although the people of the Spirit God Mountain had never appeared in the secular world, they had issued golden jade passes! It was said that any person who held a golden jade pass was a messenger of the Spirit God Mountain and had a significant position in the Spirit Domain.

Apparently, the old man of the Wei Family had a golden jade pass in his hand. This golden jade pass was also a pass to the Spirit God Mountain.

Xiao Lin indignantly said, "I don't know what was going on in the minds of the people of the Spirit God Mountain. Why did they pick the old b*stard Wei Lianye?! I was stronger than him, but after he entered the Spirit God Mountain, he surpassed me in strength and became the leader of the three families!" In his opinion, he was way better than Wei Lianye, but the people of the Spirit God Mountain didn't choose him. It was unfair that a person like Wei Lianye could get such a chance but he couldn't!

"Father, what are we going to do?" Xiao Chen asked worriedly, frowning, "Not only is Wei Lianye a sky-level high-rank spirit cultivator, but he also has the favor of the Spirit God Mountain. I'm afraid it won't be easy for us to solve him."

"Yes, that's what I'm going to discuss with you," Xiao Lin's eyes darkened slightly, a sarcastic smile hovering on his lips. "Now that the trash is not willing to return the engagement token, we can just ignore him! Let Yuqing get engaged with Ling Yao! Only when the Xiao Family and the Ling Family form an alliance can we work together to deal with Wei Lianye!"

Xiao Chen paused and said hesitantly, "Even if we form an alliance with the Ling Family, the two families may not be able to beat the Wei Family."

"So we must count on Yuqing," Xiao Chen smiled complacently. "We'll open the Secret Area for Yuqing in advance. If he can enter the Secret Area and cultivate there, he will surely make astounding advances. At that time, with his help, will we be afraid of the Wei Family?"

Only the disciples of the direct bloodline could enter the Secret Area of the Xiao Family. Of course, as the Secret Area only opened once a hundred years, both Xiao Lin and Xiao Chen had never entered the Secret Area.

As to why Xiao Lin didn't enter the Secret Area in person...

It was because only spirit cultivators below the sky level could enter the Secret Area! Once a spirit cultivator had reached the sky level, he could no longer step into the Secret Area.

Xiao Chen was even more unlikely to enter it!

His talent was not bad, but was no match for Xiao Yuqing's! Xiao Yuqing had almost surpassed him in strength though he was still so young. His talent was simply unmatched in the whole Spirit Domain! So, Xiao Lin would give this precious opportunity to Xiao Yuqing instead of his son.
"Father, we forgot something," Xiao Chen looked at Xiao Lin and continued, "Wei Lianye is favored by the Spirit God Mountain. If we deal with him, will the Spirit God Mountain be angry with us?"

"It's not a problem." A subtle light flickered across Xiao Lin's darkened eyes. "A power like the Spirit God Mountain would not lack for subordinates. After Yuqing gets strong, we will be able to take the Wei Family's place to serve the Spirit God Mountain! At that time, the Spirit God Mountain definitely won't blame us for killing Wei Lianye!"

The tightly knitted eyebrows of Xiao Chen finally relaxed, and he respectfully asked, "Then when will we open the Secret Area, Father?"

"One of these days." Every time Xiao Lin thought of today's disgrace, anger welled up within him. He coldly said, "It takes time to open the Secret Area. In a few days, we will send Yuqing into the Secret Area."


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