Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 395: Xiao Bai Struck Back (5)

So how could he leave Lin Ruobai here alone?

"Little Miss, let's go back to the Wei Family first. The old b*stard Xiao Lin is such a shameless back-stabber. I'm afraid you might suffer if you stay here alone"

"I don't care," Lin Ruobai said, pouting, "I came to find my master and with Master here, no one can hurt me."

Wei Lianye shook his head helplessly. "Alright, it seems there's nothing I can do with you. Maybe only your master can stop you. Remember, if anyone of the Xiao Family bullies you, go to the Wei Family and tell me about it, and I will avenge you."

If Wei Lianye had known what kind of a person Yun Luofeng was, he might not have said such words. How could she have prevented Lin Ruobai from acting like this since she herself was a dandy? She would only indulge the little girl!

Lin Ruobai blinked, and with a wicked smile on her face said, "Nobody in the world can bully me. I'd like to see whether the Xiao Family dares to bully me or not."

Wei Lianye gave a bitter smile. Indeed, this girl was quite unruly and had a strong family background, so very few people could really bully her! The Xiao Family had better be smart and not hurt the girl. If this girl suffered any loss, the Master would not let him go!

"Little Miss, then I'll go back to the Wei Family. Enjoy yourself and don't hesitate to ask me if you need any help." Wei Lianye worriedly repeated, "Without me here, be sure not to fight with the people of the Xiao Family, because they might hurt you."

Lin Ruobai curled her lips disapprovingly. She came here to give vent to her anger for her master! She had already provoked the Xiao Family, so it wouldn't make any difference whether she fought with them or not.

Seeing that the girl didn't take his words seriously, Wei Lianye sighed helplessly. He took a final look at Lin Ruobai and turned to walk away from the Xiao Family.

No! He had to tell what happened here to that master on Spirit God Mountain via pigeon mail, and let him make the decision!

Glaring at the receding figure of Wei Lianye, Xiao Lin scrambled up from the ground. Looking at the guards struggling on the ground, he sulked, "Tell Xiao Chen to see me in my study!"

One of the guards struggled to stand up, responded "Yes, Master," and left.

Xiao Lin quickly walked away to change, to escape from the embarrassing situation, and those staring eyes.

In the study, Xiao Chen stood before the desk, his handsome face sullen. "Father, I heard about what had happened just now. How dare Old Wei do such a thing to you in the public!"

"Hum!" Xiao Lin snorted, "That old a*shole Wei Lianye doesn't put the Xiao Family and the Ling Family in his eyes, just because he has been invited to the Spirit God Mountain! His strength is only a little stronger than mine. Why is that such a big deal? If he had not been picked up by the master on the Spirit God Mountain, his status would not have been higher than mine."

Spirit God Mountain was literally the ruler of the Spirit Domain and controlled the fates of all the people in the whole Spirit Domain! However, the people on Spirit God Mountain were so mysterious that few people in the Spirit Domain had seen them so far! No ordinary person could ever step into the Spirit God Mountain! Thus, the people on the Spirit God Mountain were worshipped like gods.

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