Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 394: Xiao Bai Struck Back (4)

He wanted to tell Xiao Lin that if Lin Ruobai suffered any loss, her father who avidly loved his daughter would never let the Xiao Family go. But in Xiao Lin's ears, it sounded like Wei Lianye was threatening him that if Lin Ruobai lost a single strand of hair, Wei Lianye would not let him go.

Gritting his teeth, Xiao Lin said slowly, stressing each syllable, "Wei Lianye, if you continue to indulge this girl like this, she will certainly become more lawless! And if she causes irreparable consequences, the Wei Family will also be affected! So, you'd better give it a second thought!"

Seeing that his words went unheeded, Wei Lianye sneered and turned his eyes to Lin Ruobai, ignoring Xiao Lin who kept struggling. "Little Miss, don't worry. I've controlled him and he can't move."

Lin Ruobai cracked an innocent smile, her big bright eyes shining. "This old guy's beard is too short, but I haven't burned anyone's beard for a long time, so maybe today I can have some fun with him."

How dare this man humiliate her master! Even her daddy respected her master and no one could humiliate her!


Once again, the flame on Lin Ruobai's palm jumped to Xiao Lin, catching his clothes on fire, but the flames only burned his beard and clothes, as if it had eyes. After a short while, Xiao Lin's chin became bare, and his clothes were burned to ashes and scattered in the air. On his naked body his skin was as flabby as the bark from old trees.

Lin Ruobai arrogantly lifted her cute little face, her soft voice determined. "Lao Wei, throw this old man out! I want to see him lose face!"



Wei Lianye picked up Xiao Lin and threw his body out of the door. The bustling street outside the Xiao Family was filled with people, but no one had noticed Xiao Lin was thrown out until they heard the sound. They turned around only to find Xiao Lin lying on the street, naked...

"Is... Isn't this the master of the Xiao Family? What happened to him?"

"I don't know. It seemed that he was being kicked out, but where are his beard and clothes?"

Listening to the rumbling sound of the crowd accompanied by the screams of women, Xiao Lin could only hide his face in shame, his heart filled with hatred for Wei Lianye, his gaze turning ferocious.

"Wei Lianye, I will never let you go!" he roared with anger, his eyes full of hatred.

How could he let it pass after being humiliated like this in public? In particular, Xiao Lin would always seek revenge for the smallest grievance.

Without even looking at Xiao Lin, Wei Lianye asked Lin Ruobai with a smile, "Little Miss, have you had enough of this game? If you still think it's not enough, I can control him again and let you make fun of him."

Lin Ruobai curled her lip and said, "You can go now."

"Then you... " Wei Lianye was stunned, but he was interrupted by the girl's soft voice before he had finished.

"Where my master is, there I will be"

Hearing her words, Wei Lianye frowned. He would have left the little miss in the Xiao Family before the fight, but after they had humiliated Xiao Lin, who could guarantee that Xiao Lin wouldn't seek revenge?

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