Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 393: Xiao Bai Struck Back (3)

Wei Lianye hesitated a moment and said with a bitter smile, "My little Miss, Xiao Lin is the master of the Xiao Family. Would it be proper to treat him like this?"

Hardly had his voice faded away when Lin Ruobai grabbed Wei Lianye's beard and grimly threatened, "Lao Wei, didn't you hear me? If you don't catch him, I'll burn your beard."

Wei Lianye shook his head helplessly. He looked at Xiao Lin and smiled apologetically. "Pardon me Master Xiao, I'm sorry, but you really shouldn't offend the little miss."

Looking at the smile on Wei Lianye's face, Xiao Lin stepped back and barked at him, "What are you going to do? I'm not afraid of you even though the Wei Family is the most powerful of the three families! I warn you, if you dare to touch me, the Xiao Family and the Ling Family will fight against the Wei Family together."

"Haha," Wei Lianye smiled indifferently, "pardon me, I can't help it." After saying that, he quickly moved through the guards and rushed to the front of Xiao Chen, his old figure as agile as a gust of wind. Both of them were sky-level spirit cultivators, but Xiao Lin was only a sky-level intermediate-rank spirit cultivator, while Wei Lianye was a sky-level advanced-rank spirit cultivator! One rank difference was immeasurably vast, so before Xiao Chen had the time to respond, his shoulder had been held down by Wei Lianye.

Wei Lianye turned his head and said to Lin Ruobai behind him with a smile, "Little Miss, I've caught him. Do whatever you want to him."

Lin Ruobai smiled insidiously. Suddenly, a flame popped up in her palm, and she slowly approached Xiao Chen. The guards of the Xiao Family tried to come forward to stop Lin Ruobai. However, before they could reach Lin Ruobai, she had set fire to their clothes with the flame on her palm. In a panic, they quickly dropped their weapons and tried to put out the fire on their bodies.

Seeing Lin Ruobai approaching, Xiao Lin screamed in rage, "Wei Lianye, is this girl your illegitimate daughter? Why do you indulge her like this?" This little girl must be the old man's illegitimate daughter, otherwise, why would Wei Lianye, who had always been a rational person, do such a thing?


In an instant, the flame on Lin Ruobai's palm lit up Xiao Lin's beard, and her lovely little face was full of arrogance. "It is fine if you just scold me, but why did you scold my master? Now I'm going to burn your beard, strip your clothes, and throw you out!"

Trembling with anger, Xiao Lin tried to break away from Wei Lianye's hands that were firmly pressing him against the floor, but the hands were so powerful that he couldn't even move. "Wei Lianye, you old rascal! You secretly gave birth to an illegitimate daughter and had the nerve to tell me that she was one of your relatives. Would you indulge her like this if she was only a relative of yours?"

Wei Lianye frowned and gave Xiao Lin a black look, no longer feeling guilty. "Xiao Lin, I'd like to remind you that 'disaster emanates from careless talk'."

"Haha," Xiao Lin sneered, "So she really is your illegitimate daughter? You are just an old rascal! So shameless!"

Hearing Xiao Lin's words, Wei Lianye's face turned darker with rage. "Xiao Lin, no matter what you've said, I just want to remind you. If this little miss loses a single strand of hair, the Xiao Family will be immediately wiped out."

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