Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 392: Xiao Bai Struck Back (2)

Wei Lianye's face turned much more solemn. Lin Ruobai choosing this master herself and Lin Jingfeng making the decision for her were totally different things. If the master was chosen by Lin Jingfeng for his daughter, then her status would be supreme in the Spirit Domain and exceed anyone else!

"Wei Lianye," Xiao Lin frowned and gave them a black look, "Ling Yao is not only the Ling Family's daughter but will also be the future mistress of the Xiao Family. How could this girl call her this? She must be poorly brought up!"

Poorly brought up?

Lin Ruobai's little face immediately darkened. She had lived for so many years, and no one ever dared to say that she was poorly brought up!

"Hum!" she snorted, and a sarcastic looked flickered across her lovely baby face, "I called her worthless because she is worthless! And what's wrong with that Xiao Yuqing of your Xiao Family? Why did he keep pestering my master? Doesn't he know that my master will never fall in love with him because she already has a man? You'd better manage your own family first before you try to educate me. "

Xiao Lin's face turned totally black with anger. At first, when Lin Ruobai insulted Ling Yao, he tolerated it because first, Ling Yao was not yet a member of the Xiao Family, and second, Wei Lianye was the master of the Wei Family that was the most powerful of the three families, so he should give him some face. But he didn't expect that the little girl would go so far and humiliate Yuqing by claiming that Yuqing was pestering her master!

What a joke! If Yuqing had a crush on her master, would her master reject him? Of course not! She must have thrown herself on Yuqing.

"Well... " Wei Lianye looked at Lin Ruobai in surprise, "if it wasn't Xiao Yuqing who took your master away, then who did?"

Xiao Yuqing was the most excellent disciple in the Xiao Family, so Wei Lianye couldn't figure out who else could take the little miss's master away except Xiao Yuqing!

Lin Ruobai curled her lips, "Have you forgotten that the old man of the Xiao Family still has another grandchild? He was the one who took my master away."

Wei Lianye was shocked because he didn't expect that Lin Ruobai's master was related to that trash of the Xiao Family! If he had not insisted on bringing the little miss to the Xiao Family himself, he would have missed the news, and made irreparable mistakes! Fortunately, he had come and hadn't stepped on the wrong boat!

Hearing Lin Ruobai's words, Xiao Lin couldn't help but scoff, "So the woman brought back by that trash is your master? Like master, like disciple! Both of you seem poorly brought up!"

Taking a deep breath, Wei Lianye was going to ask Xiao Lin to take them to see Yun Luofeng. At this time, he suddenly heard the mocking voice of Xiao Lin, and his old face immediately darkened!
"Master Xiao, I'll leave this little girl with your Xiao Family, but I warn you, whatever she wants to do, just let her do it. Otherwise, don't blame me if your Xiao Family has any trouble."

Was Xiao Lin out of his mind? How could he say something like that in front of the little miss? If her father heard what he said just now, the Xiao Family would soon disappear from the three families. Unfortunately, the little miss's identity was so special that he couldn't tell anyone. Otherwise, Xiao Lin wouldn't dare to talk to her like that.

However, in response to Wei Lianye's kind warning, Xiao Lin just gave him a cold snort, not taking his words seriously.

"Lao Wei," Lin Ruobai blinked and asked with a smile, "Can you help me catch him?"

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